Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sticky, sticky

I've played solid NL200 since the last post. Friday I played around 3k hands for a $1k loss. Was a really horrible session and it must be the umpteenth Friday a row where I've logged a big loss! I flopped three sets all night, two of them were beat by bigger sets already on the flop, and the third got flushed on the river when all in on the flop. AA and KK were big losers and I also managed to flop a flush vs bigger flush. Hurrah!

Today I played 2k more hands and it was pretty much the same, I raced down to -$800 and it was looking like I have to drop back to NL100 and grind out another $1k to move back up. Thankfully I hit some hands and developed some reads/picked on some tendencies and ground back to even. My graph for the month thus far looks pretty terrifying with a huge monetary drop in the last couple of days, but view the same graph in BB instead of $ value and you see it's only a small blip.

The money involved is quite something. $1/2 is no high stakes by any means, but over 8 tables today I had over $3k in play. To someone non poker world savvy, this must seem crazy. I'm comfortable with the money though I think. At least so far. I actually ran up a 750BB stack at one table too:

NL200 is definitely a big jump in quality. It's taken ~8k hands to fully realise. There are spots where I'm folding TT preflop with three bets infront of me which just never happen at NL100. It's so much easier to manipulate and see flops at the lower level. Still I'm enjoying it despite being a -4bb/100 loser at the moment for 8k hands. I am not worried at all and am sure this is just a sticky patch of variance. I experimented with some spazzy bet sizes and overbets, and am very pleased with how they are working thus far. ABC is very exploitable at NL200. There are some really tough tables, even as I type there are a couple fully populated with solid regulars. They must be stupid. Dish the pride and make your life easier and find some fish! Aim for the rest of the month is to get out of the NL200 hole and beat it for ~3BB/100 when all is said and done. Come on this sticky patch can't last forever! Won't be playing tomorrow as have made social arrangements but am really looking forward to playing at the moment, which I'm sure is a good thing.

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