Thursday, 28 August 2008

Slit wrists time

Just had horror afternoon finishing -$1.4k. The very definition of running bad. This is all within a couple of hours, not spread out over weeks all you tourney players!

AA (2): Stole blinds, won small pot.
KK (9): Vs AA 4 (Yes FOUR) times. Big losers on rag flops. Stole blinds or won small pots the other 5.
QQ (11): One AIPF vs AK, lost. Twice all in on turn vs 1 pair on board and rivered both times. All others <$20 pots.
AK (20): Largest pot won $30 flopping broadway. Twice all in on turn TPTK vs naked flush draw, lose both. Twice all in on turn TPTK vs mid pair and flush draw, lose both. Once all in on turn TPTK vs mid pair and str draw, lose.

I'm now even for the month after an absolute disaster the last couple of days. It's been sick setup after setup. Bah I need to go back in time and not play these last two days, then I could still play NL200 next month. Going to have to drop back down again :-(

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Anonymous said...

im a bit worried, last post was 'slit wrists' time then no update for a week. Was it a cry for help that wasnt answered?