Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Good progress

I logged a decent session on Tuesday and a very good one today. I played half NL100 and half NL200 on Tuesday. I lost $400 at NL100 and won $600 at NL200! Guess I should move up to where they respect my raises eh ;-) NL100 was just unlucky for most of the cash, QQ rivering a Q vs my KK when all in the turn sticks in the memory. I also made a couple of moves I really should have saved for NL200. Anyway pleasing to win at the higher level and I continued that today with a nice $730 win. So my stats for NL200 so far are 9k hands @ 3BB/100, which is great as it's what I set myself in my last post. Lets hope I can continue to grind out a nice profit for the end of the month, I fancy a holiday!

Also Happy Birthday me for the 18th. Twenty five seemed so far away not too long ago! Didn't really do much, just spent some time with the family which was nice. It's my sister's 21st next Monday and she's having a big party for family and friends so will be nice to see everyone there too.

I've bought a couple of books which arrived today. The Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen (been meaning to get this ever since it came out) and The Poker Mindset by some unknowns. Had a flick through and the Maths of Poker looks like it's going to need a pen and paper accompanying the read, as well as regular 'flick backs'. I didn't do A Level Maths but I did do Physics so I'm hoping I still understand all the mathematical principles, maybe a refresher might be needed!

The Poker Mindset looks to be very easy reading, with help on tilt, bankroll, downswings and everything that goes along with playing a lot of poker. Some interesting takes on different concepts which I'm hoping will help hone my approach that little bit more.

Good luck at the tables :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

your ze man

get every hand revealed by Gus - loving it

Im off till end Aug now so get yourself round one day teach me how to play NL: part 2 :)

WSOPE Blogger said...

The Poker Minset is meant to be really good and isn't by unknowns!

Matthew Hilger is a pro player with several cashes at the WSOP and the other guy plays $5/$10 FLHE for a living. They might not be big names but they know what they are talking about. Both post at internettexasholdem forums