Wednesday, 6 August 2008

First August cash action

Yes I'm lazy. Have been out and consequently drinking quite a lot lately and haven't wanted to play when hungover. That's done now though and I felt fresh and attacked the tables today. Won $200 at NL100 and lost $80 or so at FL. I had quite a few 2nd-10th nuts type of hands today that ended up paying off a better hand. Shame could have been an awesome day.

I am playing so many hands lately. Today was 27/21. Think I may have to tame this at NL200. I think I have a significant edge post flop at NL100 and rarely get 4 bet preflop, so it allows me to outplay a lot in position. I'm sure the regulars will pick up and adjust for this at NL200. Looking forward to some more interesting dynamics. Think I'll play halfie half tomorrow, four tables on NL100 on one monitor, and four of NL200 on the other. Gogogogo me! Run good please!

Also, congrats to Rich for taking down the Laddies $3k GTD Tuesday night, and he's on the final table again tonight!

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