Wednesday, 13 August 2008


So after the $1k day, I then win $650 the next and $850 today. Today was mainly NL200. I played a mix this afternoon and have just played purely 1/2 this evening on 8 tables for the first time. An early conclusion is that it's harder, but not much. There's probably one better player to each table, and the regulars can actually play post flop which they can't at NL100.

It was nice to cold 4bet AA and get insta-shoved on by KK, but I did lose a lot of medium all-in spots. I also 4bet bluffed J8o preflop for a buyin early this afternoon against an overly aggro player. I flopped a gutshot plus my pair outs, but his AK got there on the river. Argh why can't I hit one of these monkey plays one time?!? I probably made my money back due to the image this play setup, but would have been nice to win the 60/40 to go with it ;-)

I think I suck at FL. I don't know why. I really shouldn't. My stats say I'm a losing player though. It's just an easy way to get rakeback and bonuses. I think every retard playing any two at 5/10 takes me to the cleaners every time and I don't have the bankroll or patience for it anymore. I've only got $300 in crypto now so I doubt I can rake the Flip Mino this month. Unless I deposit and play NL100. I won't be if Laddies NL200 continues to go well though, not worth it at all. I'm comfortable with the bet sizing and will stick with it unless I encounter a large downswing. Most of the players are the same and I should be able to continue to pick my spots. I bet I'll be pretty nervous in my first $1k pot though which I'm sure will be along soon, hope it goes the right way :-)

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