Tuesday, 12 August 2008

$1k day

Another one :-) That's three in total now (give or take $20) for the year.

I made some adjustments to my play and actually calmed things down a bit, although preflop I am still playing more hands than most. A video came out on Cardrunners last week that basically told people how to crush NL100. At first I was pretty pissed off with it as it encouraged a style I've been getting away with for months and months, but I think a few retardo-monkeys at Ladbrokes have seen it too and are re-raising me and squeezing me in any spot they can. That'll do me, I moppped up a lot of dead cash today :-) Still it's going to help a lot of better the regulars I'm sure.

Glad to log a good score as I had a bad losing session for $150 on Friday night, so this tips the month nicely. I'm delighted in how I played, this is the most focused I've ever been while 8 tabling. Really think I've got 8 handled well now. May drop one or two at NL200 though. I've had loads of sleep last night and even today, so I'm sure that's helped. Looking forward to attacking NL200 when I'm next feeling super fresh.

I'm going to log an hour or two on Interpoker now, as I can rake a Flip Mino through Rake The Rake this month quite easily. Looks canny!

Also, knee update: It's fucked. Royally fucked. Can't run. So P&G World Cup at end of August will be purely a social event for me :-( It's creaking and cracking at any slight movement, and I'm getting a lot of general friction inside the knee when walking. Need to arrange to see the GP I think!

Run well, on the tables and off!


Poker play the Soap way said...

can you get one on my account also


Brenos said...

I assume so. 3500 Mpps required

Ben said...

if you need another account to play on then I have another 2 you can use - one of them will even get you a date for the weekend due to the avatar!