Saturday, 5 July 2008

A profitable Saturday evening in

Avoided the socialising this weekend to log some hands and play a CPC satellite. I played a pure cash session this afternoon for an hour for just under $400. Later this evening I played 4 cash tables for a further $170 whilst playing a $40 CPC satellite to the $250 final tomorrow. I breezed a seat, chip leading the entire way. Roll on tomorrow for the final step towards the Caribbean :-)

I had wanted to log some more hands today, but I have been distracted watching the original Star Wars films. I saw Episode I The Phantom Menace a lot on Sky when I was a teenager, and kind of worked out the rest of the story from snippets I'd catch when they were on at Christmas time and comedy skits of the films. But I'd never watched the original three in full, until now. I really enjoyed them and will watch Episodes I, II and III soon too. Suppose I can't push myself into playing too much when I've won ~$600 and a $250 seat in a few hours :-)

That means I've made back the losses I drunkenly pissed away Thursday night, and with rakeback (I'm loving Hold Em Manager) I'm at $2250 already for July. Hoping this continues and I manage to win a few CPC packages along the way too ;-)

Good luck all :-)

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Poker play the Soap way said...

GL later - dont getgreedy a few CPC packages focus on 1 first !!!