Monday, 7 July 2008

Out of sulk

Amazing how a nice $300 win at the cash tables can make you feel better!

Am obviously still bitterly disappointed, I wouldn't have especially minded losing $100 in that hand on the cash tables, but argh, tournaments! I had played the initial satellite very well and bulldozered a weak field, and also accumulated a big stack in the final with some nice early play. I then get it all in with 1 Billion% equity only to lose. The fact that I really, really want to go to the CPC meant it was a bitter pill to swallow. I would have been in prime position and playing confidently, I really fancied myself! I don't know how the full time MTT pros do it!

The red mist descended and I did well to stay away from the cash tables until I'd had a good couple of hours to cool off. This meant that I've only played about 6 hours total for the weekend which is double points on the rake race. I reckon the other regs will have logged at least 12 each so I'm resigned to just scraping into the top 10 for about $150 bonus. This is pretty crap, but considering I've won $2600 for the week I don't care in the slightest as the others won't be anywhere near that. They can continue to 20+ table and I'll pick off all the extra value from them all month, tyvm :-)

Fingers crossed for a another good cash week and hopefully I can attack the CPC route again. Good luck all :-)

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Anonymous said...

Where's the blog updates?
What am I meant to do at work now without anything to read??