Friday, 11 July 2008

No updates = no play

I've not played much poker at all this week. When I have it's been very short and very sweet. This is today for example:

That included a horrific all-in-on-the-turn-when-drawing-dead-non-semi-bluff at hand #530. I'm currently playing a $5 $2k GTD tourney and am top 20 from 138 remaining of 284. I'm only playing it cos I got an email from Ladbrokes advertising it and I thought it was a freeroll. I'm stupid. It's like a preflop raise as the buyin and is totally insignificant after such a session. Think I'm going to take a chance to get into the big chips ASAP as I'm getting a bit of a headache, and as you know I'm not a big fan of tourneys!

Only been a couple of short cash sessions so the rake race is well and truly lost this week. I'm not sure if it's +EV me going for this anymore. As previously mentioned I am picking off sooo much value from the regulars when I do play that it's affording me a lazier standpoint. I've already made a smidge under $4k this month from poker (inc rakeback) which along with some regular work and an £1800 out of court settlement windfall for a traffic accident, I have taken the foot off the pedal this week. I've helped a mate who has just move into a new house with some stuff, and we've still got the garden to do yet. Will still obviously play though and hopefully see a $6k month :-)

I got an email today from the Interpoker Platinum Club telling me I can rake a CPC package if I'm top 10 from their entire player PC field in the next few months building up to it. Bit of a bugger as I won't be able to get top 10 but I sure could rake a hell of a lot. Why don't they just say rake 30k MPPs before Nov and you get a package? That's about ~$18k in rake paid for a $5k package. Howay IP PC, you know it makes sense :-)

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