Thursday, 3 July 2008

New software

OK so the new Ladbrokes software update really put back my playing progress yesterday. I really like the software but I couldn't get it going with my Poker Tracker and Poker Ace Heads Up Display to satisfaction. After hours of faffing I decided to take the plunge and buy Hold Em Manager, and I'm really glad I did.

Poker Tracker (v2) was developed for Fixed Limit poker, whereas Hold Em Manager was programmed with the No Limit player in mind. I can see 3 bet stats, and much more relevant position and pot dynamics information. Furthermore the HUD is superb and highly manipulative. It has rakeback & bonus options, as well as powerful graphing functions.

I've been killing NL100 in the start to July too, the volume is a little bit off what I'd like it to be but now I'm sorted with my tracking software I should put that right. This is the first two and half days :-)

Good luck all :-)

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