Sunday, 27 July 2008

More tourney love

Not really.

Wanted to play the CPC Summer special, so loaded up a few more tourneys to play alongside. First to go is the $50 double chance at Ladbrokes. I lose with top full vs quads and don't bother to top up. Next in the CPC special I flop a straight with KQ on 9TJ, play it fast but other guy thinks he can make me fold w/AQ. I don't oblige, but up pops the K on the river. I then buy in for a $40 CPC satellite. Next to bust is the £7k gtd on crypto, QQ < A7 obviously. And in the CPC satellite I shove over a player who has been very active pre flop w/ATs and tons of fold equity. Obviously I pick the wrong retard to make fold and he snaps off with 88 for 75% of stack and holds. Ahhh I run good in tourneys.

Decided to play a bit of FL tonight. I was actually at every FL table on crypto at one point, there really isn't many games going. I started at 5/10 and 3/6 but after an hour left the 5/10 as I am severely under-rolled and wasn't able to buy in at any more tables. I ended up playing three $3/6, one £2/4 and one $2/4. The rate at which you can rack up MPPs continues to astonish me. I booked a nice win and some more bonus, giving me ~$1600 in IP now. That can stay in too as I'll only withdraw from Ladbrokes this month. I'm wondering if I actually could make a go of finishing in top 10 on leaderboard to rake a CPC package. This could be my only hope as Jesus clearly isn't going to let me win a tournament! I'm going to hammer the FL for the rest of the month and try and clear the £500 bonus, then will re-assess MPP accumulation and bankroll etc.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, hope it stays nice tomorrow :-)

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Rich said...

You play football on Wednesday? How's the knee?