Sunday, 13 July 2008

Miss flop, give up. Hit flop, lose.

A trend of relentless accuracy for todays play unfortunately. I have lost just over $800 in 3k hands. I've had four under sets, a few smaller flushes and countless numbers of overpairs being bust. This is the worst type of session I find. I didn't exactly get mega unlucky as in losing to two outers etc, just every hand I had was always beat. TT-KK was done by a solitary overcard on the board an outrageous percentage of the time. I even flop sets with AA and lose to flushes. I really couldn't win a thing. Any raise with broadway cards would see a low flop and vice versa, and any big ace would see non pairing broadway cards appear. Yack.

Anyway I'm tired and clearly whinging. I did a 6.5 mile cross country run in under an hour today, which is pleasing progress. I'm aiming to get fit and lose a few pounds for the annual P&G International Football Tournament that's in London this year at the end of August. Hopefully the knee holds out and I can kick a ball competitively. Can't believe it will be nearly a year since I last did!


Poker play the Soap way said...

Delighted that the knee is back in posts - long may it continue :)

Ben said...

I concur - great to have knee updates back - been a while since I heard anything about that - Carl will be pleased.

Brenos said...

Get lost fatties!