Wednesday, 2 July 2008

June end, July start

June wasn't too great poker wise. I only made around $1500 which is a shame because I was nearly on for a corker of a month at FL. I played some NL50 in the last few days of June to try and tip my bankroll back over $2k in order to attack the Ladbrokes rake race in July. I did so with some gusto, winning $650 (13 buyins) in only 3k hands. After withdrawing I have left myself with:

Ladbrokes BR $2k, Interpoker BR $1k.

I enjoyed a drunken poker session at the Grov £20+5.50 double chance last Friday. We played some blackjack before hand as it was late starting, and managed to win our entries and ~£50 more which all clubbed together into a drinking pot. Myself, Ben and Rich are all pretty handy players - them even more so at tournaments - and we all made the final two tables from ~70 runners if I remember correctly, despite the copious amounts of beers consumed. Had we all final tabled I had already decided I was shoving over one of their raises/stealing their blind from any position with any two cards!! Anyway I finished 13th my two pair running into a better two pair in a blind vs blind situation. I was really pissed off at this too as I badly wanted to final table with my mates! Ben bubbled in 10th and Rich chopped three ways for £200 and bought us a kebab on the way home :-)

I've since thought about 'running bad' in tournaments. I have concluded that you have to play an absolute shit load for this to have any correlative meaning at all. Say that situation where I got knocked out happens another two weeks in a row, you might say that's running bad, it's unlucky yes, but short term variance in tournaments is just soooo massive and misunderstood that it leads to lots of comments at live tables that really piss me off! The advice givers are the best! One guy told me he made quads the other week. I make quads everyday! Anyway that's slightly harsh as we all start somewhere, and I certainly lightened up somewhere around beer number 4 in level 2 ;-)

July is pretty much going to be exclusively NL100 cash at Ladbrokes. The rake race is worth a decent amount of money on top of my winrate and it doesn't make sense to play FL. I hope I can stick it out and really log some hours, but I can see me needing a break at some point, whether a bit of FL is the answer...well I'll cross that bridge later.

I played two sessions today, and they both followed an amazingly similar trend. Win $300, get two outered, six outered and lose a 50/50 and drop to even. Then grind away back to $300 up. So I'm going to bed now at $750 for the first day of the month, which despite the beats, I would snap Mr Poker God's hand off if he offered me that for 30 more days :-D

I might post a few hands tomorrow as I ran one awesome bluff very deep with KJ, and I think I lost 3 buyins in 3 consecutive hands on one single table, which I haven't had anything near like that happen before. Also interesting is that I have been playing 25/21 while 8 tabling, which I haven't been able to do before. I'm really happy with these numbers and hope I can keep this aggression up. I'm getting better with more tables obviously but playing so many hands does mean I'm timing down more often on the bigger decisions.

Labrokes are upgrading their client for tomorrow too which I hope doesn't change things too much, as I have a nice layout going on at the moment.

Good luck all :-)

[Wow, it's late, I'm tired, and I waffle!]

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