Monday, 23 June 2008


Just played a bit of FL to make sure I meet the 5000 MPPs for the top £500 bonus. I did that but effectively lost it in the session!

I got brutally 2 outered in absolutely massive 5/10 and 3/6 pots about six times in the first hour. Then obviously the regs can see that I'm running horribly are are playing back at me quite light, so I change my requirements slightly on how I am perceived... but they get there on the river anyway. In pots where I go to showdown I am regularly outkicked too. Then I lose w/9h7h on 8s6h5h board to J8. Runner 8, runner J. I got 4 bets in each time on the flop and turn. Ugh I feel really terrible. You feel more at the mercy of the cards at FL and they truly took a huge dump in the middle of my kitchen floor today!

I'm thinking I'll leave the FL for the rest of the month and play some NL again. I'll have made ~£300 in rakeback and RTR are running a promotion this month where all IP players who earn more than 5k MPPs get a share of $5k. So depending on how many people make it I'll be due ~£100 there. So BR will be ~£1300 which is a bit crap as it was looking like it might be nearer £2k until today.

Also the Poker Tracker on my laptop isn't giving me day by day results either. I'll wait for the month to tick over and if it's still shafted then I'll reinstall it. Things aren't going my way lately!

Also as most of my poker has been FL and FL is incredibly boring there's not been much true poker content on here lately. Min bets are no fun to post!

I'll try to find something positive to post next time.

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