Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Haven't really played NL properly since the last post. I'm not counting playing absolutely steaming at 3am in the morning after a Saturday night out either. I was stopping at a mates who I've been helping to build a bankroll on the small stakes. He was at $500 from $40 until we logged in at 3am and I somehow won $300 to take him to $800. "This is easy", I thought, so logged into my account and promptly lost $300. Well at least he got a good deal out of it. I could barely read my hole cards by the time I logged in as I had continued drinking in the house. Ugh.

I played some tournaments last night to go along with the huge 4000+ WSOP freeroll. Never even got going in that one. I lost a medium sized pot to the table donk calling my raise with 53 and flopping a straight to my overpair. I didn't play it too aggressively though and still had a stealing stack. I yo-yo'ed at around 7-11BBs through a couple more rounds before eventually losing a 40/60 in a steal situation, someone calling w/A3 for 9BBs for 90% of their chips in the BB. I bet he didn't win a seat.

I was going well in a $20 freezeout and a couple of £2 MTTs on Interpoker too. I think it's a +EV decision for me to play more tables, as it keeps me getting spewy in marginal early spots. Didn't matter on the stakes, just to be playing a same format game was enough to keep the concentration. Difficult though as it's always fun to accumulate early, but if you're fortunate enough you can sit tight and pick up a monster vs lesser monster and double up anyway. Such is the run of the cards and why poker is such a deep game. Was strange to be making preflop decisions for my tournament life as early as level 4. I folded 66 first to act in mid position which felt incredibly weak after over a year of pretty much exclusive cash game play. But I felt it was correct given game flow and stack sizes.

I played a bit of FL after bumming out of all the tournaments at around 10.30pm. I played 4 tables of $3/6 which I'm not really rolled for at $1100 in IP but I felt it was a good decision. All the 2/4 tables were full of solid TAGs whereas there was at least one exploitable player on each 3/6 table, and on one of them there was a huuuuge fish. At NL this can mean a decision putting twice as much cash in play as normal, but this isn't the case in FL. I race to $250 up after about an hour, but proceed to finish $2 up for the session after getting drawn out on/dominated in pretty much every spot. I should check PT more often and quit after booking a nice win. Does wonders for the confidence. Anyway I cleared a nice slice of further bonus and made a healthy amount in rakeback so nothing lost really.

Going to play some more today after setting up a nice FL specific HUD on my laptop and watching some CardRunners FL videos. Also going to check on CPC satellites but looks like I'm in for a busy weekend so will have to plan that carefully. Saw some mates who I'd not seen for a while the weekend gone and they very kindly confirmed my fat bastard status. Ben took a rather incriminating 'side on' photo after a two course Sunday lunch and a couple of pints, that looks really bad! I really did enjoy the food though after driving for an hour to find somewhere that serves food at 4pm on a Sunday?! Just the one in a 50 mile radius it seems! Just finished another salad though and have promised to be in awesome shape for the P&G World Cup in mid August.

Good luck all :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

Fat bastard is the "body" of the pro internet poker player

well done you made it :)

TEAMDOBB said...

side view shots are never the best m8.
good living is often an aquired shape you have to put up with.
keep trucking chubbs!!