Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Long Weekend

Not played too much poker lately. Have made use of the nice weather and lived the life of Riley for the weekend. I had wanted to play the CPC $250 final on Sunday, but another glorious day and a BBQ with friends put pay to that idea.

I have managed to squeeze in a few thousand hands of FL though. I emailed the Interpoker Platinum Club (after being a retard and choosing the lowest bonus option they do) to see if they would be nice and offer me another one, to aid with the bankroll building. I gained entry to the Platinum Club last year before the CPC, raking 8000MPPs in one month. I only really experienced this fantastic support for a couple more months, after moving my roll off their network. If anyone is a high raker playing on the Crypto network it really is worth playing on the Interpoker skin, they offer the best bonuses and their VIP support really is out of this world. So anyway, I emailed them explaining that I'm an idiot and didn't use the VIP section of their website for the larger bonus options, and since I plan to rake a lot and try to build a bankroll again, would it be possible for them to add the £300 (3000MPP) bonus to my account. I got the world's best reply, a warm welcome back, information about current VIP offers and tournaments, and the assurance that however many MPPs I cleared I would be credited with the corresponding bonus. Awesome! Even more so as I've already cleared 2300 MPPs and should easily make the 5000MPP/£500 top bonus. The rake really does fly at FL. Huge thumbs up to the Interpoker Platinum Club, I really must get round to sending them a nice reply.

I've created a new Poker Tracker database on my laptop and have played exclusively FL on there. I've absolutely killed 3/6, ran God awful at 2/4 and indifferent at 1/2. Account is just shy of the £500 mark now after moving a little bit more money in there. I'll post some stats from the laptop next time but I think I'm at 10BB/100 at 3/6, -1BB/100 at 2/4 which is where the majority of play has been, and 2BB/100 at 1/2. I won't be playing much more 1/2 unless there are no games running. My win % with AA and KK is hideously low at around 20% at 2/4. Interpoker also allow uncapped betting at FL in heads up pots, it really is soul crushing to get 6 or 8 bets in on the turn to be two outered on the river. It's not the money, I'm used to betting more at NL, but it's the fact that it's raise, re-raise, re-re-re-raise, re-re-re-re-raise etc etc that makes me punch things now and again. I'll curb that with a bit more experience though I'm sure. Plus side is I'm making a ton in bonus and rakeback though so grind on!

I've been car less for ages now, after the head mechanic broke both his arms last week putting back progress even further. Petrol has gone up 15p a litre since I was last driving my own car, that's how long it's been! I have been offered a courtesy car this week which I might go and collect today. I'm not sure if I need it. I've missed going to the gym though, and as I've been getting ferried around by mates to social activities, I've been drinking probably 5/7 nights a week. Add to that the fact that the best Chinese and Indian takeaways I have ever had are both half a mile away from me and I am suddenly a right fat bastard. I can control my weight pretty easily though and am now on a quest to get into decent shape for the holiday period.

Right I'm off for a salad and to cut the grass, good luck all :-)

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Anonymous said...

'suddenly a right fat bastard' - like it.

Complete disregard given to the 4 takeaways every weekend since Malia and no exercise :-)