Tuesday, 10 June 2008

FL Statto

These are my FL stats thus far. I'm not too sure what should be good numbers here compared to NL. They look solid enough though.

Results wise as you can see it's not great at 2/4. My Won$atSD is a few notches lower than the mean, but like I've said I'm not sure how this sample compares to a solid short handed limit player yet. This was further compounded tonight with KKK vs AAA, 888 vs AAA and a flopped K flush vs flopped A flush. Pretty brutal but still good to finish $100 up. Looking forward to running well as this could be decent money. Also don't forget that I have cleared over $500 in bonus and made ~$250 rakeback already. Just a shame there's not a few more tables running for selection purposes.

I have no desire to play NL at the moment. I'm sure I'll find the bug again soon, and I really need to get round to running a solid analysis on my database in order to work out a stop loss and plug some leaks. Also must make sure I play on the day of the billionth hand at Ladbrokes, in order to qualify for an amazing freeroll where there are 20 $14k WSOP packages up for grabs!

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