Thursday, 12 June 2008

First NL in a while

I played just over 1k hands last night for a very small return, but ugh, I run like total arse lately. Had a bad time on FL in the afternoon, going $200 up then swinging down to only $50 up. Then in NL I actually played really really well, picking up a lot of pots purely read based and to be honest it's a good job I did. Here's the big losers: This guy had raised a lot of flops with mid pairs. Liked the turn and absolute gin river with the flush getting there. I have the 2nd nuts, but oh wait... This guy was a retard. Delighted getting it in here. Same retard. Another retard playing 95/75 or something hideous. Nice turn for him. Never folding for his stack size. Cheers poker!

Was good to be able to manipulate my opponents a bit more playing NL though and if anything I'd say my reads have improved even more with logging a lot of FL. Being able to bet an amount that doesn't give your opponents 14/1 on a call certainly adds a bigger bluffing dynamic that I've missed. I think I've got my online timing tells pretty much down to a tee. I put this guy on the nut flush draw KdXd right from the off. His turn call is horrible and as such I don't think he's folding the river.

So yeah a bit of a whiny post but I'm still pleased in how I played. Just a bit shit that I couldn't log a $400+ win to really get the confidence back. It'll come. Looks like Ladbrokes will deal it's 1 billionth hand today, get playing!

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