Tuesday, 3 June 2008

CPC Plan

I really want to go to the CPC again this year. I've never been on a cruise before and this looks like it's on the daddy of all ships too. Had a great time last year and met some nice people, who I would look forward to seeing again out there. Soap and Azimut confirmed as already going, big likelihood of TeamDobbs, Animal, MGS, Geo and other MSNL'ers being there, as well as the usual collection of crazy Scandis for mad drunken behaviour and entertaining hairstyles. Hopefully my mate Ben can can make a good go of qualifying again. This would mean I could also take a bird instead of him, as technically I owe him a holiday after last time. Either that or I have to win more than one ;-) Unsure as to who I would actually take as I am technically single but I refuse to go into Amatay like detail blogging about my personal life! ;-)

So the plan itself. I have £140 in my Interpoker account. I did have a tenner in a week or so ago but I ran it up playing $1/2 6max FL pretty easily. It's been a nice change and fun getting to showdown so many hands. Been beating up on the tight Scandis and if you didn't know already FL is fantastic for accumulating rake and MPPs. I could easily clear a £100 bonus and make the same again in rakeback each month. So only breaking even in play would still be a good bankroll builder. I reckon I can be a decent winner too though. I'm going to play a few times each week when perhaps not quite in the NL mood. I will use MPPs to enter the baby satellites into the CPC and hopefully once the bankroll justifies it, buy direct into the bigger satellites.

Number one objective is to reach the CPC but fingers crossed I achieve a positive side effect and also build a half decent bankroll in the process. This could then be consolidated or perhaps turned into a secondary NL bankroll. I may even wish to move up the FL ranks! Who knows at the moment?!

I hope I don't get pissed off with FL as I know I can do, hopefully the promise of the CPC should be enough, but I'll also be sure to give updates on here to keep you on my back ;-)

I've not played properly this month, but the plan of attack is to mix effectively between the CPC project and my bread and butter NL100. I must be careful not to leak in my showdown bound and light calling play from FL into NL. I'm not far off a NL200 bankroll now, so hopefully a nice start to early June will see me mixing in a few NL200 tables later in the month. Good luck all :-)

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