Friday, 27 June 2008

NL again

I've played a bit of NL again lately although only at NL50. I've absolutely killed it and won nearly 20 buyins in about 5k hands if I remember correctly. I can't post stats because I'm stuck in a BMW showroom with a mate who's getting a new car. So that's helped rebuild the bankroll to a good level. I plan to log a lot of play in July as there is a decent promotion on at ladbrokes next month. Nice to have two healthy bankrolls now. Will still be attacking the cpc satellites though. I'm off now, the cars ready!

Monday, 23 June 2008


Just played a bit of FL to make sure I meet the 5000 MPPs for the top £500 bonus. I did that but effectively lost it in the session!

I got brutally 2 outered in absolutely massive 5/10 and 3/6 pots about six times in the first hour. Then obviously the regs can see that I'm running horribly are are playing back at me quite light, so I change my requirements slightly on how I am perceived... but they get there on the river anyway. In pots where I go to showdown I am regularly outkicked too. Then I lose w/9h7h on 8s6h5h board to J8. Runner 8, runner J. I got 4 bets in each time on the flop and turn. Ugh I feel really terrible. You feel more at the mercy of the cards at FL and they truly took a huge dump in the middle of my kitchen floor today!

I'm thinking I'll leave the FL for the rest of the month and play some NL again. I'll have made ~£300 in rakeback and RTR are running a promotion this month where all IP players who earn more than 5k MPPs get a share of $5k. So depending on how many people make it I'll be due ~£100 there. So BR will be ~£1300 which is a bit crap as it was looking like it might be nearer £2k until today.

Also the Poker Tracker on my laptop isn't giving me day by day results either. I'll wait for the month to tick over and if it's still shafted then I'll reinstall it. Things aren't going my way lately!

Also as most of my poker has been FL and FL is incredibly boring there's not been much true poker content on here lately. Min bets are no fun to post!

I'll try to find something positive to post next time.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Haven't really played NL properly since the last post. I'm not counting playing absolutely steaming at 3am in the morning after a Saturday night out either. I was stopping at a mates who I've been helping to build a bankroll on the small stakes. He was at $500 from $40 until we logged in at 3am and I somehow won $300 to take him to $800. "This is easy", I thought, so logged into my account and promptly lost $300. Well at least he got a good deal out of it. I could barely read my hole cards by the time I logged in as I had continued drinking in the house. Ugh.

I played some tournaments last night to go along with the huge 4000+ WSOP freeroll. Never even got going in that one. I lost a medium sized pot to the table donk calling my raise with 53 and flopping a straight to my overpair. I didn't play it too aggressively though and still had a stealing stack. I yo-yo'ed at around 7-11BBs through a couple more rounds before eventually losing a 40/60 in a steal situation, someone calling w/A3 for 9BBs for 90% of their chips in the BB. I bet he didn't win a seat.

I was going well in a $20 freezeout and a couple of £2 MTTs on Interpoker too. I think it's a +EV decision for me to play more tables, as it keeps me getting spewy in marginal early spots. Didn't matter on the stakes, just to be playing a same format game was enough to keep the concentration. Difficult though as it's always fun to accumulate early, but if you're fortunate enough you can sit tight and pick up a monster vs lesser monster and double up anyway. Such is the run of the cards and why poker is such a deep game. Was strange to be making preflop decisions for my tournament life as early as level 4. I folded 66 first to act in mid position which felt incredibly weak after over a year of pretty much exclusive cash game play. But I felt it was correct given game flow and stack sizes.

I played a bit of FL after bumming out of all the tournaments at around 10.30pm. I played 4 tables of $3/6 which I'm not really rolled for at $1100 in IP but I felt it was a good decision. All the 2/4 tables were full of solid TAGs whereas there was at least one exploitable player on each 3/6 table, and on one of them there was a huuuuge fish. At NL this can mean a decision putting twice as much cash in play as normal, but this isn't the case in FL. I race to $250 up after about an hour, but proceed to finish $2 up for the session after getting drawn out on/dominated in pretty much every spot. I should check PT more often and quit after booking a nice win. Does wonders for the confidence. Anyway I cleared a nice slice of further bonus and made a healthy amount in rakeback so nothing lost really.

Going to play some more today after setting up a nice FL specific HUD on my laptop and watching some CardRunners FL videos. Also going to check on CPC satellites but looks like I'm in for a busy weekend so will have to plan that carefully. Saw some mates who I'd not seen for a while the weekend gone and they very kindly confirmed my fat bastard status. Ben took a rather incriminating 'side on' photo after a two course Sunday lunch and a couple of pints, that looks really bad! I really did enjoy the food though after driving for an hour to find somewhere that serves food at 4pm on a Sunday?! Just the one in a 50 mile radius it seems! Just finished another salad though and have promised to be in awesome shape for the P&G World Cup in mid August.

Good luck all :-)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

First NL in a while

I played just over 1k hands last night for a very small return, but ugh, I run like total arse lately. Had a bad time on FL in the afternoon, going $200 up then swinging down to only $50 up. Then in NL I actually played really really well, picking up a lot of pots purely read based and to be honest it's a good job I did. Here's the big losers: This guy had raised a lot of flops with mid pairs. Liked the turn and absolute gin river with the flush getting there. I have the 2nd nuts, but oh wait... This guy was a retard. Delighted getting it in here. Same retard. Another retard playing 95/75 or something hideous. Nice turn for him. Never folding for his stack size. Cheers poker!

Was good to be able to manipulate my opponents a bit more playing NL though and if anything I'd say my reads have improved even more with logging a lot of FL. Being able to bet an amount that doesn't give your opponents 14/1 on a call certainly adds a bigger bluffing dynamic that I've missed. I think I've got my online timing tells pretty much down to a tee. I put this guy on the nut flush draw KdXd right from the off. His turn call is horrible and as such I don't think he's folding the river.

So yeah a bit of a whiny post but I'm still pleased in how I played. Just a bit shit that I couldn't log a $400+ win to really get the confidence back. It'll come. Looks like Ladbrokes will deal it's 1 billionth hand today, get playing!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

FL Statto

These are my FL stats thus far. I'm not too sure what should be good numbers here compared to NL. They look solid enough though.

Results wise as you can see it's not great at 2/4. My Won$atSD is a few notches lower than the mean, but like I've said I'm not sure how this sample compares to a solid short handed limit player yet. This was further compounded tonight with KKK vs AAA, 888 vs AAA and a flopped K flush vs flopped A flush. Pretty brutal but still good to finish $100 up. Looking forward to running well as this could be decent money. Also don't forget that I have cleared over $500 in bonus and made ~$250 rakeback already. Just a shame there's not a few more tables running for selection purposes.

I have no desire to play NL at the moment. I'm sure I'll find the bug again soon, and I really need to get round to running a solid analysis on my database in order to work out a stop loss and plug some leaks. Also must make sure I play on the day of the billionth hand at Ladbrokes, in order to qualify for an amazing freeroll where there are 20 $14k WSOP packages up for grabs!

Long Weekend

Not played too much poker lately. Have made use of the nice weather and lived the life of Riley for the weekend. I had wanted to play the CPC $250 final on Sunday, but another glorious day and a BBQ with friends put pay to that idea.

I have managed to squeeze in a few thousand hands of FL though. I emailed the Interpoker Platinum Club (after being a retard and choosing the lowest bonus option they do) to see if they would be nice and offer me another one, to aid with the bankroll building. I gained entry to the Platinum Club last year before the CPC, raking 8000MPPs in one month. I only really experienced this fantastic support for a couple more months, after moving my roll off their network. If anyone is a high raker playing on the Crypto network it really is worth playing on the Interpoker skin, they offer the best bonuses and their VIP support really is out of this world. So anyway, I emailed them explaining that I'm an idiot and didn't use the VIP section of their website for the larger bonus options, and since I plan to rake a lot and try to build a bankroll again, would it be possible for them to add the £300 (3000MPP) bonus to my account. I got the world's best reply, a warm welcome back, information about current VIP offers and tournaments, and the assurance that however many MPPs I cleared I would be credited with the corresponding bonus. Awesome! Even more so as I've already cleared 2300 MPPs and should easily make the 5000MPP/£500 top bonus. The rake really does fly at FL. Huge thumbs up to the Interpoker Platinum Club, I really must get round to sending them a nice reply.

I've created a new Poker Tracker database on my laptop and have played exclusively FL on there. I've absolutely killed 3/6, ran God awful at 2/4 and indifferent at 1/2. Account is just shy of the £500 mark now after moving a little bit more money in there. I'll post some stats from the laptop next time but I think I'm at 10BB/100 at 3/6, -1BB/100 at 2/4 which is where the majority of play has been, and 2BB/100 at 1/2. I won't be playing much more 1/2 unless there are no games running. My win % with AA and KK is hideously low at around 20% at 2/4. Interpoker also allow uncapped betting at FL in heads up pots, it really is soul crushing to get 6 or 8 bets in on the turn to be two outered on the river. It's not the money, I'm used to betting more at NL, but it's the fact that it's raise, re-raise, re-re-re-raise, re-re-re-re-raise etc etc that makes me punch things now and again. I'll curb that with a bit more experience though I'm sure. Plus side is I'm making a ton in bonus and rakeback though so grind on!

I've been car less for ages now, after the head mechanic broke both his arms last week putting back progress even further. Petrol has gone up 15p a litre since I was last driving my own car, that's how long it's been! I have been offered a courtesy car this week which I might go and collect today. I'm not sure if I need it. I've missed going to the gym though, and as I've been getting ferried around by mates to social activities, I've been drinking probably 5/7 nights a week. Add to that the fact that the best Chinese and Indian takeaways I have ever had are both half a mile away from me and I am suddenly a right fat bastard. I can control my weight pretty easily though and am now on a quest to get into decent shape for the holiday period.

Right I'm off for a salad and to cut the grass, good luck all :-)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

FL going well

Account is now at £250 after running at 10BB/100 last night at three tables of 1/2 and one of 2/4. I've also already met my first £30 of £60 bonus. I should have opted for the £100 option! I've signed up for a couple of satellites, namely the CPC and Sunday 40k, so lets hope I can score a seat in there somewhere.

Also this is golden reading, blackjack anyone?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Shit start

I've played shit today. Mistimed every move, bluffed the wrong people, made a few horrendous calls and been careless with aggression. I've lost $800 today which I'm going to see to that this never happens again. I'll have to work something out.

Thats effectively my rakeback payment gone, so I can kiss goodbye to NL200 this month at least. Nothing more than I deserve and I'm really unhappy with myself. I'm going to take a few days off NL, and have a deep study of my PT database thus far. I'd definitely plateaued in terms of studying and improving my own game, which is shocking really. A couple of decent months and I get arrogant.

Consider my own backside, kicked!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

CPC Plan

I really want to go to the CPC again this year. I've never been on a cruise before and this looks like it's on the daddy of all ships too. Had a great time last year and met some nice people, who I would look forward to seeing again out there. Soap and Azimut confirmed as already going, big likelihood of TeamDobbs, Animal, MGS, Geo and other MSNL'ers being there, as well as the usual collection of crazy Scandis for mad drunken behaviour and entertaining hairstyles. Hopefully my mate Ben can can make a good go of qualifying again. This would mean I could also take a bird instead of him, as technically I owe him a holiday after last time. Either that or I have to win more than one ;-) Unsure as to who I would actually take as I am technically single but I refuse to go into Amatay like detail blogging about my personal life! ;-)

So the plan itself. I have £140 in my Interpoker account. I did have a tenner in a week or so ago but I ran it up playing $1/2 6max FL pretty easily. It's been a nice change and fun getting to showdown so many hands. Been beating up on the tight Scandis and if you didn't know already FL is fantastic for accumulating rake and MPPs. I could easily clear a £100 bonus and make the same again in rakeback each month. So only breaking even in play would still be a good bankroll builder. I reckon I can be a decent winner too though. I'm going to play a few times each week when perhaps not quite in the NL mood. I will use MPPs to enter the baby satellites into the CPC and hopefully once the bankroll justifies it, buy direct into the bigger satellites.

Number one objective is to reach the CPC but fingers crossed I achieve a positive side effect and also build a half decent bankroll in the process. This could then be consolidated or perhaps turned into a secondary NL bankroll. I may even wish to move up the FL ranks! Who knows at the moment?!

I hope I don't get pissed off with FL as I know I can do, hopefully the promise of the CPC should be enough, but I'll also be sure to give updates on here to keep you on my back ;-)

I've not played properly this month, but the plan of attack is to mix effectively between the CPC project and my bread and butter NL100. I must be careful not to leak in my showdown bound and light calling play from FL into NL. I'm not far off a NL200 bankroll now, so hopefully a nice start to early June will see me mixing in a few NL200 tables later in the month. Good luck all :-)