Thursday, 8 May 2008

Small wins

I've played a few sessions now all at NL100 and have finished each one $40-60 up. Roughly a 2BB/100 winner which I've never had for an extended period of time. Previous trends have been win a shit load, lose half it back. Rinse, repeat. I'd take this way for a stress free month for sure. Maybe throw in the odd massive win for good measure :-)

I won a massive pot at the end of the session today to finish up, otherwise it would have been even more frustrating as Ben always tells me to "think of the rakeback" when I'm on a loser. This started off as a joke when we both played stupid stakes, but now it just throws me on tilt. AHLakhfjasbkfjs!

I've been playing 24/18 since my break too, which is interesting. My post flop play has changed as well. I'm checking a bit more, and getting well tricky with my betting against the regulars. I'm going to be vetting with posting my stats on here from now on. Also realised that it looks like I had a nightmare month last month what with telling you I'm dropping down etc, but it really wasn't. I won $2200 in total, so not too bad.

I'm aiming to play a lot of hands this month. I've not started too heavy, but I'm certainly going to pick up the pace as I plan to start some morning runs which should lengthen the day somewhat and increase my awareness and concentration too. Really hope I can stick it out as I've really missed not running for 6 months.

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Anonymous said...

good luck with the running, hows the knee?