Monday, 19 May 2008

Picking up pots!

I was up in Newcastle again for the weekend, for a friends Birthday night out and to check out the GUKPT.

I got off the train and headed straight to the Grovesnor, to watch a couple of hours of Day 1b and say hello to a few people. Was nice to catch up with Teamdobb, and meet Morlspin and S2C for the first time. Also caught up with some people I met at the CPC last year, including Azimut who I'm happy to see has started his blog back up again. I was pretty sure I passed Joey Love in town but didn't say hello as I wasn't certain! I then saw the lineup from the previous day and he was on it so it clearly was. Had wondered if maybe MGS, Geo and any other MSNL regulars were down from Scotland too, but turns out they weren't.

S2C, DC and Morlspin did a cracking job on live updates on the Newcastle Poker Forum, which I followed into the early hours. Nice to see a local prosper heads up too.

Been playing online all over the place lately. At different friends houses and on my laptop. It's all good though as I'm now at $3k for the month. I actually just caught some cards in my latest session and ran quite well to catch up in some pots which feels good for a change. I was always the aggressor though which is important in cash, you don't want to be a showdown monkey ;-)

Don't really have any hands worth sharing, everything seems so standard to me now. I found this screenshot of a flopped straight flush which I'm sure is a couple of months old now. Here, have something pretty to look at ;-)

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TEAMDOBB said...

Thanks for comments, I think I owe you 50p
Forums deffo taken off now after the event. Live game should be good game. GL and keep oiling!!