Friday, 16 May 2008

Much better session

Just played ~2k hands for a $460 win.

I continued to play yesterday to get out of the $100 hole in the afternoon. I did, but I ran like total arse. This hand threw me on tilt for a bit. He's a regular and a total nit preflop, and is very very weak post flop. Obviously has some idea how to play, but certainly a player I'm going to stomp all over in the long run. I knew he was making a move and was surprised when he called off the rest of his stack. I guessed maybe he had QQ. Hated the running spades but then hated it even more to see his hand. NH VWP FO DIAGF! A few more big pots shipped my opponents ways instead of mine, and an awful lot of small ones where the money went in preflop. When I had TT+ and AJ+ and had re-raised short stacks preflop, I lost probably 80% of these to 2-6 outers. I ran into KK once for 35BBs, but had to laugh when JJ was beat by Q5 for 30BBs. Nice re-re-raise sir!

I finished on $150 up and couple that with today I am currently up $2k for the month, which is a good pace. Hopefully the boomswitch has been activated at Ladbrokes HQ and all my sessions are 15/100BB winners from now on ;-)

I also went for a proper run today. Not good. Ignoring my fitness and the fact that it took me an hour to plod 4 miles cross-country, my knee hurts. I'm clearly still a long way off playing footy. When running it was ok, but now after I've stopped I can really feel it on the stairs. Hopefully with rest it'll repair and then I can try again. Never had a cartilage injury before though so unsure on how hard I can push. Frustrating as I used to tear through a harder 6 mile cross country run in 45 minutes less than a year ago!

Possibly better news on the car front. The mechanic reckons that it is a blown valve, as all tests point to this. Apparently if your engine is proper goosed then this is about the best possible outcome as it's the cheapest to fix. I'll know for sure on Monday, which unfortunately leaves me in limbo for another weekend. I had fancied playing a couple of the GUKPT events but with knacking the car that would be an extravagance I can't justify at the minute. Will continue the high volume of play and hopefully healthily boost the finances :-)


Amatay said...

nice results fish :-)

Poker play the Soap way said...

Top Gear and Casualty in one night ............. ;)