Friday, 30 May 2008

Month End

I managed to get out of that dreadful hole and finish the session even. This month will finish at just over $5k once rakeback arrives, which is pleasing. That session was truly awful though. I obviously did get drawn out on a lot with good equity as is always going to happen, but I was also dominated a lot of the time in spots where I am delighted to be putting money in. Under sets, flopping straights but villain flops same straight with flush draw too, every time I shove a big draw I miss, ugh it was terrible. Add to that losing AA vs KK three times and KK running into to AA three times it's not going to be your night. I would have quit after a few buyins loss but I was 8 tabling and i took about six hits close to each other. The next check of Poker Tracker showed -$700 so I vowed to play on. This sounds pretty dumb writing on here but my head really was right to do it, I believe I make good personal/frame of mind/mood based decisions regarding poker. Was pretty degenerate in that it screwed up my sleep pattern big time but the weekend will see that right again.

I still haven't got my car back and have been driving my sisters car around this week. I only realised today that it has huge pink "Hello Kitty" sunscreens sat on the back parcel shelf. Oh yeah I bet I looked cool.

To answer the sarky questions about my leg... ;-) It's not great. I felt it today just walking around shopping. But I could get through a 5 mile run if I wanted to. I just don't know how long it takes to repair and if how long to have rest periods for. If it were a muscle injury I'd obviously have a bit more feel for it. But with this I just don't know. It's even more annoying to be talking about CPC qualification as I did it a couple of weeks before that last year. I've not played footy for bloody ages now!

Roll on June and hopefully another good poker month, minus a great big whopping unforeseen expense please! :-)


Pud's Poker said...

Nice little earner this month mate, congrats!

I did actually LOl when i read about your "Hello Kitty" sunscreens! Hahahahaha!

Poker play the Soap way said...

Thanks for the leg update

Look foward to keep up to date in future posts ;)

Btw - awesome month wp