Sunday, 25 May 2008

I don't play enough

You're probably aware of it now, but I thought I'd post about a 2+2er who set himself a challenge to make $10,000 solely at NL25 full ring in a calendar month. That's 400 buy-ins. I am rightfully pleased with my 40 buy-in month! He has over $50k riding in betting action for this!

Thread with challenge information

Blog following progress

Live webcam

As you can see from his blog he has already played 50k hands in 2 days which is more than I have for the entire month of May. Granted he has been pulling 16 hour shifts and is 24 tabling, but still. He is also at $1k which is obviously way ahead of pace. Wow, just wow.

What is even more interesting is that this is not some poker guru dropping down for a challenge. He's a 19 year old kid who has tried but cannot beat NL50, and constantly grinds the micro NL25. He has only recently started to play higher. On the 2+2 forums the more senior members may wish to create a "The Well" post, where all members can ask poker related questions and the player in question is obliged to answer honestly and in some detail.

"The Well" player profile

Asked for me I've played a little more for small $100 wins here and there. I've withdrawn a massive amount for my car repair + other things though, and my depleted bankroll has led to me playing like a complete pussy. Honestly the psychological edge of having comfortably more than $2k in my account is huge for me to be on top of my game. Silly really as I know I've got nearly $1k in rakeback and approx $1k owed elsewhere still to arrive for the month!

And yes I'm up at a stupidly awful hour for a Sunday on a Bank Holiday weekend. I've just got back from Manchester after giving my mother and sister a lift as they're off on their hols for a week in Florida. Going to get some sleep in readiness for hitting the booze this evening. Enjoy the weekend all :-)


TEAMDOBB said...

Nice post and luv the Grinder crack.
Got a nice pic Ill post for ya at TD blog

Pud's Poker said...

When I first read about this I thought he must be mad. I'd heard he used to play $5/$10 but obviously not.

He must be confident in doing this as he stands to lose $10-12k if he doesn't make it which is a lot of money, especially to a NL25 grinder!