Wednesday, 14 May 2008

High volume

Played the WSOP freeroll last night finishing 14th I think from 100+ runners. Again I do something questionable at an important stage. I had some history with a villain in blind situations, where he had position and had re-stole on my twice. So I decide to trap with my monster of A7o and limp/check-raise all-in. Of course he has TT though and my play is horrible. I fist-pump as I see an Ace on the flop, but the turn brings the T and I'm gone. I wish I had my HUD running as I wasn't playing cash, but after I checked I immediately see that this guy is the very definition of weak-tight and clearly just had hands against me. I also need to adjust to playing a shorter stack than the constant 100BBs and above I play at cash. I enjoyed the 6max format better though.

I won another $250 on the cash tables shortly after but am unfortunately $100 down after an afternoon session today where I lose $250 in the last round I play. My top set loses to an OESD on the river for 120BBs and my flopped straight loses to bottom set on the river for 130BBs. That was no fun at all happening so close together. I did however manage to get paid off with a broadway straight quite nicely. I thought I played this really well.

Haha this really was perfect timing. In the last few hands at that table, we had tangled. I value bet a river with top two versus him and he called, then in the next hand I bluff the river and show. Then this happens. I guess this explains my somewhat horrible flop call as if I did manage to catch spades or a ten it was sure to be payday. Implied odds baby!

Right I've had a bit of a sleep this afternoon as I'm in a crap routine again having no car and not getting to the gym. Must go for a run in the morning! Allows me to play the juicy shift on the poker tables though tonight, fingers crossed for a good session :-)

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