Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Check your oil!

My car is in the garage with a potentially bust engine. Turns out I've been running it on no oil for probably at least a week. No warning light or any indications that anything was wrong until it conked out on me on Thursday. Obviously incredibly pissed off as it's so easy to avoid. Best case scenario it's blown a valve and I'm looking at £600. Worst case it's a write off.

Thankfully I've not had a losing poker session in May yet. Just won $480 in 2.5k hands today. I've stayed up late as I had the juiciest player I've ever come across in poker at one of my tables. Check out these stats! I couldn't leave with him still sat down!

Although I'm $1200 up so far for May, I am definitely running below equity. I've had some shockers recently in some really swingy sessions. Although they've all finished as winners I've been -$200 at plenty of points so far this month. May post a few of the grosser beats as there really have been some cracking plays at me lately.

Will pick up the volume of play as I can't travel for work for a while until I get a decision on my car. Shame I get another set back as I'm looking to move up. I am so confident in my game, I firmly believe there's no-one better at my level now. Slightly arrogant perhaps, but I think it's a winning attitude to have. You can't be successful at poker if you're not confident in yourself.

Let's hope I start to run good and have a cracking month and win myself another car! Also hoping to run good at life and win the ITV competition for VIP Champions League Final tickets. You never know with ITV though!

Good luck all, see you at the tables. And stop playing back at me! ;-)

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