Friday, 23 May 2008

Cash update

Thought I was going to put in a bit of a late session tonight, but I'm knackered so stopping. I've been seeing great results lately, and am currently on about $4k for the month with a week still to go. Running much better than the start of the month, with me being on the good end of pair vs pair situations and being reinvigorated in the knowledge that it is actually possible to flop sets :-)

Good job too as my car is going to cost ~£1.2k to fix. One of the valves had snapped and come loose inside the head, and shafted different parts of the engine block. Thankfully this was not caused by me running it on no oil, and I have been told that the fact there was no oil in was a by product of this incident. Not exactly good news though as what has happened is incredibly unlucky and the head mechanic says he hasn't seen anything as bad with a valve before :-(

Interesting to see an engine in bits though, I've always had a curiosity for how things worked and probably pissed off the guys asking too many questions! I did fix his computer in the office for him though ;-)

Kings of Europe!


Pud's Poker said...

Congrats on the $4k month mate.

I too love to know how things like engines etc work but I am the most inpracticle person on this Earth and don't have a clue how ro even start taking something apart or putting it back together!

TEAMDOBB said...

lolol- ive had 2 blown engines like you describe in vans of mines and starngely enuff the mechanics said they were the worst theyd seen as well!!!!
No blown diesel engine is good or CHEAP!
Nice month by the way- looks like you got my money

Poker play the Soap way said...

Hows the leg ?