Monday, 5 May 2008

Busy long weekend

No online poker to talk about as been a bit of a social hound for the long weekend.

Also been told to write less about my knee rehab. So...

...the knees feeling a lot better. Managed a round of golf at the weekend no problem and some more light jogging. Aim to stepping up to some decent runs in the next couple of weeks. Yeah, fuck off Carl ;-)

Thursday night I was at Premier League Darts at the Metro Radio Arena. Declined a ticket in the first place but then since watched it on Sky realised that it is in fact an awesome atmosphere and I'd be missing out. Fortunately for me Azz pulled out due to work and I nabbed his ticket. Was an excellent night with 2 pint glasses, some superb fancy dress (shout out to "Condom Man") and some comedy crowd chanting. Highlights being "There's only one Peter Taylor!" and one about a certain someone who shall remain nameless who has a strong bond with his dog. There's a hint here for you though. Further drinking on the Quayside and Bigg Market left me grateful my date cancelled on me the next day. I donked around a little on HU cash for a small return on the Friday.

Saturday was golf followed by takeaway, beer and home poker night. We started at midday heading up to Morpeth for a pub lunch to watch Man Utd trounce West Ham 4-1. After a good few u-turns we eventually found the golf course where we played 50p a hole skins on a 9 hole pitch and putt course. If I could putt I'd be a millionnaire. Rich took great delight in finishing the round financially better off that I did (me -£1, him -50p) but if we'd played 50p a stroke I'd be a billionnaire!

We also found out that Cranny is pretty handy at golf, and can safely add it to his list of top abilities which now reads:
1) Getting shit faced.
2) Shoulder presses.
3) Crossing.
4) Golf
3,654,234,297) Constructing golf bag trolleys.

After a few more u-turns we headed back to Azz's for Wii Sports and a combination of pizza and curry takeaways. Poker started with a slow structured £5 rebuy where it became apparent that only really myself, Carl and Azz were up for a gamboool! Not like certain weak-tight players who just fold, fold, fold, flop set, get it in vs a beautifully played and well disguised flush draw which unfortunately misses. I of course got this back though as it's easy to beat up on the fish playing so standard from early position ;-)

Suddes won about seventy 20-40%ers as per usual to luckbox his way to three handed with myself and Ben Holmes, he wa...oops sorry. Chips are exchanged with the majority heading to Suddes. I shove Q5 into his BB for him to call with A3 and he wins when ahead also. Suddes then craftily plays AA heads up versus Ben, getting him to shove with top pair Q, only for the handsome dealer to curse as he deals a river Q. Ben scoops, Suddes second and myself third.

The second game gets underway shortly after with a faster structured £10 freezeout. I'm missing loads of details here as I am quite badly pissed at this point. We are all playing very unorthodox with Ben limping behind 3 limpers with JJ and snap calling Suddes button shove. Suddes shows up with KK however and gg Ben. I've limp folded a few times and not been able to see many flops. But at some point during the second level I decide to step it up a notch. There is an early raise from Azz (could be anything) a flat call from Suddes (anything suited/fishy cash player style) and a flat call from Carl (two connecting cards or a small pair/I have position I call). I look down at 42 suited and insta shove cos my image is fantastic in these home games. Fold, fold, but Carl tanks. He then makes the mother of all reads/most retardo call ever with 55 and obviously has me crushed. I can only blame myself really though as this is an advanced play designed to work against an advanced field. Not a bunch of retards ;-) GG me and I retire to attempt to play Guitar Hero on medium after far too much beer but get relentlessly booed off stage.

Been ages since I've had a proper session online. May attack the tables in an hour or so. Hope you've all enjoyed the Bank Holiday :-)


Anonymous said...

I thought through all the possibilities, wieghed up some complex thoughts, asked you a few questions, processed your reactions and finnaly decided I was definitely against 2 under cards, Simple as that really, GG Brengun wp

Anonymous said...

actually forgot to say, I'll be honest now, hands up, my read was bad, I actually had you on 34,

Ben said...

I don't even own a dog!!

Good piece of (biased) journalism on the weekend though, very amusing.

Saw you playing NL100 last night, how did it go? Pleased to see you abandoned idea of dropping down to NL50 - way too many suck out fish at that level :-)

Brenos said...

Yeah I won $60 in a short session but was pretty unlucky. Was two outered once, oversetted once and flopped a K flush vs an A flush all for full buyins. Great.

Nice to start with a win though after ages away.

And the write up is all tongue in cheek lads, hope you enjoyed it ;-)

TEAMDOBB said...

"Good piece of (biased) journalism on the weekend though, very amusing."

nice post!

Anonymous said...

Brenos, can't see any write up of your amazing call to my all in with a flopped full house. yeah thats the one your gut shot call.....your poker is worse than your golf!