Friday, 30 May 2008

Month End

I managed to get out of that dreadful hole and finish the session even. This month will finish at just over $5k once rakeback arrives, which is pleasing. That session was truly awful though. I obviously did get drawn out on a lot with good equity as is always going to happen, but I was also dominated a lot of the time in spots where I am delighted to be putting money in. Under sets, flopping straights but villain flops same straight with flush draw too, every time I shove a big draw I miss, ugh it was terrible. Add to that losing AA vs KK three times and KK running into to AA three times it's not going to be your night. I would have quit after a few buyins loss but I was 8 tabling and i took about six hits close to each other. The next check of Poker Tracker showed -$700 so I vowed to play on. This sounds pretty dumb writing on here but my head really was right to do it, I believe I make good personal/frame of mind/mood based decisions regarding poker. Was pretty degenerate in that it screwed up my sleep pattern big time but the weekend will see that right again.

I still haven't got my car back and have been driving my sisters car around this week. I only realised today that it has huge pink "Hello Kitty" sunscreens sat on the back parcel shelf. Oh yeah I bet I looked cool.

To answer the sarky questions about my leg... ;-) It's not great. I felt it today just walking around shopping. But I could get through a 5 mile run if I wanted to. I just don't know how long it takes to repair and if how long to have rest periods for. If it were a muscle injury I'd obviously have a bit more feel for it. But with this I just don't know. It's even more annoying to be talking about CPC qualification as I did it a couple of weeks before that last year. I've not played footy for bloody ages now!

Roll on June and hopefully another good poker month, minus a great big whopping unforeseen expense please! :-)

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Nightmare session in running...

I am running worse than I thought it ever possible to run. I am not tilted and have a level head. However I am currently down 7 buyins, $700. Possibly a shit end to a good month but I plan to play for a lot longer and hopefully pull it round. I'm still playing so not going into a lot of detail, but basically I have encountered the most ludicrous outdraws, and every kind of monster being dominated by a bigger monster possible. Think it's going to be a long night...

Edit: Now -$250 and breaking for a while. At lowest point was roughly -$900!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


WSOP freebie tonight. I chip up early and lead the field on/off until ~18 left. I get AA in vs mid stacked 44 and of course he hits his two outer. I then raise/fold a few times in really frustratingly marginal spots, but am still in decent shape. Button then limps and I raise up AQ in SB, but BB re-raises and commits us both if I decide to shove. I look to have a clearly frustrated image and put him on a hand so fold. He shows 46o which is astonishingly brave considering the game dynamics. I raise/fold once more (to AA) and a round later see my raise called out of the BB to a flop of AQQ with AJ. I am check raised but am totally committed and he flops good with QJ.


Sunday, 25 May 2008

I don't play enough

You're probably aware of it now, but I thought I'd post about a 2+2er who set himself a challenge to make $10,000 solely at NL25 full ring in a calendar month. That's 400 buy-ins. I am rightfully pleased with my 40 buy-in month! He has over $50k riding in betting action for this!

Thread with challenge information

Blog following progress

Live webcam

As you can see from his blog he has already played 50k hands in 2 days which is more than I have for the entire month of May. Granted he has been pulling 16 hour shifts and is 24 tabling, but still. He is also at $1k which is obviously way ahead of pace. Wow, just wow.

What is even more interesting is that this is not some poker guru dropping down for a challenge. He's a 19 year old kid who has tried but cannot beat NL50, and constantly grinds the micro NL25. He has only recently started to play higher. On the 2+2 forums the more senior members may wish to create a "The Well" post, where all members can ask poker related questions and the player in question is obliged to answer honestly and in some detail.

"The Well" player profile

Asked for me I've played a little more for small $100 wins here and there. I've withdrawn a massive amount for my car repair + other things though, and my depleted bankroll has led to me playing like a complete pussy. Honestly the psychological edge of having comfortably more than $2k in my account is huge for me to be on top of my game. Silly really as I know I've got nearly $1k in rakeback and approx $1k owed elsewhere still to arrive for the month!

And yes I'm up at a stupidly awful hour for a Sunday on a Bank Holiday weekend. I've just got back from Manchester after giving my mother and sister a lift as they're off on their hols for a week in Florida. Going to get some sleep in readiness for hitting the booze this evening. Enjoy the weekend all :-)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Cash update

Thought I was going to put in a bit of a late session tonight, but I'm knackered so stopping. I've been seeing great results lately, and am currently on about $4k for the month with a week still to go. Running much better than the start of the month, with me being on the good end of pair vs pair situations and being reinvigorated in the knowledge that it is actually possible to flop sets :-)

Good job too as my car is going to cost ~£1.2k to fix. One of the valves had snapped and come loose inside the head, and shafted different parts of the engine block. Thankfully this was not caused by me running it on no oil, and I have been told that the fact there was no oil in was a by product of this incident. Not exactly good news though as what has happened is incredibly unlucky and the head mechanic says he hasn't seen anything as bad with a valve before :-(

Interesting to see an engine in bits though, I've always had a curiosity for how things worked and probably pissed off the guys asking too many questions! I did fix his computer in the office for him though ;-)

Kings of Europe!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Monday, 19 May 2008

Picking up pots!

I was up in Newcastle again for the weekend, for a friends Birthday night out and to check out the GUKPT.

I got off the train and headed straight to the Grovesnor, to watch a couple of hours of Day 1b and say hello to a few people. Was nice to catch up with Teamdobb, and meet Morlspin and S2C for the first time. Also caught up with some people I met at the CPC last year, including Azimut who I'm happy to see has started his blog back up again. I was pretty sure I passed Joey Love in town but didn't say hello as I wasn't certain! I then saw the lineup from the previous day and he was on it so it clearly was. Had wondered if maybe MGS, Geo and any other MSNL regulars were down from Scotland too, but turns out they weren't.

S2C, DC and Morlspin did a cracking job on live updates on the Newcastle Poker Forum, which I followed into the early hours. Nice to see a local prosper heads up too.

Been playing online all over the place lately. At different friends houses and on my laptop. It's all good though as I'm now at $3k for the month. I actually just caught some cards in my latest session and ran quite well to catch up in some pots which feels good for a change. I was always the aggressor though which is important in cash, you don't want to be a showdown monkey ;-)

Don't really have any hands worth sharing, everything seems so standard to me now. I found this screenshot of a flopped straight flush which I'm sure is a couple of months old now. Here, have something pretty to look at ;-)

Friday, 16 May 2008

Much better session

Just played ~2k hands for a $460 win.

I continued to play yesterday to get out of the $100 hole in the afternoon. I did, but I ran like total arse. This hand threw me on tilt for a bit. He's a regular and a total nit preflop, and is very very weak post flop. Obviously has some idea how to play, but certainly a player I'm going to stomp all over in the long run. I knew he was making a move and was surprised when he called off the rest of his stack. I guessed maybe he had QQ. Hated the running spades but then hated it even more to see his hand. NH VWP FO DIAGF! A few more big pots shipped my opponents ways instead of mine, and an awful lot of small ones where the money went in preflop. When I had TT+ and AJ+ and had re-raised short stacks preflop, I lost probably 80% of these to 2-6 outers. I ran into KK once for 35BBs, but had to laugh when JJ was beat by Q5 for 30BBs. Nice re-re-raise sir!

I finished on $150 up and couple that with today I am currently up $2k for the month, which is a good pace. Hopefully the boomswitch has been activated at Ladbrokes HQ and all my sessions are 15/100BB winners from now on ;-)

I also went for a proper run today. Not good. Ignoring my fitness and the fact that it took me an hour to plod 4 miles cross-country, my knee hurts. I'm clearly still a long way off playing footy. When running it was ok, but now after I've stopped I can really feel it on the stairs. Hopefully with rest it'll repair and then I can try again. Never had a cartilage injury before though so unsure on how hard I can push. Frustrating as I used to tear through a harder 6 mile cross country run in 45 minutes less than a year ago!

Possibly better news on the car front. The mechanic reckons that it is a blown valve, as all tests point to this. Apparently if your engine is proper goosed then this is about the best possible outcome as it's the cheapest to fix. I'll know for sure on Monday, which unfortunately leaves me in limbo for another weekend. I had fancied playing a couple of the GUKPT events but with knacking the car that would be an extravagance I can't justify at the minute. Will continue the high volume of play and hopefully healthily boost the finances :-)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

High volume

Played the WSOP freeroll last night finishing 14th I think from 100+ runners. Again I do something questionable at an important stage. I had some history with a villain in blind situations, where he had position and had re-stole on my twice. So I decide to trap with my monster of A7o and limp/check-raise all-in. Of course he has TT though and my play is horrible. I fist-pump as I see an Ace on the flop, but the turn brings the T and I'm gone. I wish I had my HUD running as I wasn't playing cash, but after I checked I immediately see that this guy is the very definition of weak-tight and clearly just had hands against me. I also need to adjust to playing a shorter stack than the constant 100BBs and above I play at cash. I enjoyed the 6max format better though.

I won another $250 on the cash tables shortly after but am unfortunately $100 down after an afternoon session today where I lose $250 in the last round I play. My top set loses to an OESD on the river for 120BBs and my flopped straight loses to bottom set on the river for 130BBs. That was no fun at all happening so close together. I did however manage to get paid off with a broadway straight quite nicely. I thought I played this really well.

Haha this really was perfect timing. In the last few hands at that table, we had tangled. I value bet a river with top two versus him and he called, then in the next hand I bluff the river and show. Then this happens. I guess this explains my somewhat horrible flop call as if I did manage to catch spades or a ten it was sure to be payday. Implied odds baby!

Right I've had a bit of a sleep this afternoon as I'm in a crap routine again having no car and not getting to the gym. Must go for a run in the morning! Allows me to play the juicy shift on the poker tables though tonight, fingers crossed for a good session :-)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Check your oil!

My car is in the garage with a potentially bust engine. Turns out I've been running it on no oil for probably at least a week. No warning light or any indications that anything was wrong until it conked out on me on Thursday. Obviously incredibly pissed off as it's so easy to avoid. Best case scenario it's blown a valve and I'm looking at £600. Worst case it's a write off.

Thankfully I've not had a losing poker session in May yet. Just won $480 in 2.5k hands today. I've stayed up late as I had the juiciest player I've ever come across in poker at one of my tables. Check out these stats! I couldn't leave with him still sat down!

Although I'm $1200 up so far for May, I am definitely running below equity. I've had some shockers recently in some really swingy sessions. Although they've all finished as winners I've been -$200 at plenty of points so far this month. May post a few of the grosser beats as there really have been some cracking plays at me lately.

Will pick up the volume of play as I can't travel for work for a while until I get a decision on my car. Shame I get another set back as I'm looking to move up. I am so confident in my game, I firmly believe there's no-one better at my level now. Slightly arrogant perhaps, but I think it's a winning attitude to have. You can't be successful at poker if you're not confident in yourself.

Let's hope I start to run good and have a cracking month and win myself another car! Also hoping to run good at life and win the ITV competition for VIP Champions League Final tickets. You never know with ITV though!

Good luck all, see you at the tables. And stop playing back at me! ;-)

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Roll on Moscow!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Small wins

I've played a few sessions now all at NL100 and have finished each one $40-60 up. Roughly a 2BB/100 winner which I've never had for an extended period of time. Previous trends have been win a shit load, lose half it back. Rinse, repeat. I'd take this way for a stress free month for sure. Maybe throw in the odd massive win for good measure :-)

I won a massive pot at the end of the session today to finish up, otherwise it would have been even more frustrating as Ben always tells me to "think of the rakeback" when I'm on a loser. This started off as a joke when we both played stupid stakes, but now it just throws me on tilt. AHLakhfjasbkfjs!

I've been playing 24/18 since my break too, which is interesting. My post flop play has changed as well. I'm checking a bit more, and getting well tricky with my betting against the regulars. I'm going to be vetting with posting my stats on here from now on. Also realised that it looks like I had a nightmare month last month what with telling you I'm dropping down etc, but it really wasn't. I won $2200 in total, so not too bad.

I'm aiming to play a lot of hands this month. I've not started too heavy, but I'm certainly going to pick up the pace as I plan to start some morning runs which should lengthen the day somewhat and increase my awareness and concentration too. Really hope I can stick it out as I've really missed not running for 6 months.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Busy long weekend

No online poker to talk about as been a bit of a social hound for the long weekend.

Also been told to write less about my knee rehab. So...

...the knees feeling a lot better. Managed a round of golf at the weekend no problem and some more light jogging. Aim to stepping up to some decent runs in the next couple of weeks. Yeah, fuck off Carl ;-)

Thursday night I was at Premier League Darts at the Metro Radio Arena. Declined a ticket in the first place but then since watched it on Sky realised that it is in fact an awesome atmosphere and I'd be missing out. Fortunately for me Azz pulled out due to work and I nabbed his ticket. Was an excellent night with 2 pint glasses, some superb fancy dress (shout out to "Condom Man") and some comedy crowd chanting. Highlights being "There's only one Peter Taylor!" and one about a certain someone who shall remain nameless who has a strong bond with his dog. There's a hint here for you though. Further drinking on the Quayside and Bigg Market left me grateful my date cancelled on me the next day. I donked around a little on HU cash for a small return on the Friday.

Saturday was golf followed by takeaway, beer and home poker night. We started at midday heading up to Morpeth for a pub lunch to watch Man Utd trounce West Ham 4-1. After a good few u-turns we eventually found the golf course where we played 50p a hole skins on a 9 hole pitch and putt course. If I could putt I'd be a millionnaire. Rich took great delight in finishing the round financially better off that I did (me -£1, him -50p) but if we'd played 50p a stroke I'd be a billionnaire!

We also found out that Cranny is pretty handy at golf, and can safely add it to his list of top abilities which now reads:
1) Getting shit faced.
2) Shoulder presses.
3) Crossing.
4) Golf
3,654,234,297) Constructing golf bag trolleys.

After a few more u-turns we headed back to Azz's for Wii Sports and a combination of pizza and curry takeaways. Poker started with a slow structured £5 rebuy where it became apparent that only really myself, Carl and Azz were up for a gamboool! Not like certain weak-tight players who just fold, fold, fold, flop set, get it in vs a beautifully played and well disguised flush draw which unfortunately misses. I of course got this back though as it's easy to beat up on the fish playing so standard from early position ;-)

Suddes won about seventy 20-40%ers as per usual to luckbox his way to three handed with myself and Ben Holmes, he wa...oops sorry. Chips are exchanged with the majority heading to Suddes. I shove Q5 into his BB for him to call with A3 and he wins when ahead also. Suddes then craftily plays AA heads up versus Ben, getting him to shove with top pair Q, only for the handsome dealer to curse as he deals a river Q. Ben scoops, Suddes second and myself third.

The second game gets underway shortly after with a faster structured £10 freezeout. I'm missing loads of details here as I am quite badly pissed at this point. We are all playing very unorthodox with Ben limping behind 3 limpers with JJ and snap calling Suddes button shove. Suddes shows up with KK however and gg Ben. I've limp folded a few times and not been able to see many flops. But at some point during the second level I decide to step it up a notch. There is an early raise from Azz (could be anything) a flat call from Suddes (anything suited/fishy cash player style) and a flat call from Carl (two connecting cards or a small pair/I have position I call). I look down at 42 suited and insta shove cos my image is fantastic in these home games. Fold, fold, but Carl tanks. He then makes the mother of all reads/most retardo call ever with 55 and obviously has me crushed. I can only blame myself really though as this is an advanced play designed to work against an advanced field. Not a bunch of retards ;-) GG me and I retire to attempt to play Guitar Hero on medium after far too much beer but get relentlessly booed off stage.

Been ages since I've had a proper session online. May attack the tables in an hour or so. Hope you've all enjoyed the Bank Holiday :-)