Saturday, 12 April 2008


Had a bit of a roller coaster yesterday, winning $100 in the afternoon, losing $400 early evening and finally finishing $220 up for the day. My percentage plays where I'd expect to take down pots 60-80% of the time fell into the lesser category, couple that with a few suckouts in major pots and queue downswing! That's nothing compared to the -$1k downswing I had at the start of the month though. I've had a few more winners I've not posted and I'm currently $1400 up for the month. I've effectively won two and half grand in seven days! Poker isn't dead!

My bankroll currently stands at $3.8k and once it surpasses $4k I'm going to start taking shots at NL200. Pretty chuffed to think that's come from $70 in late December, with more than double being withdrawn along the way! Rather than 6 table NL100, I think four tables of NL100 and one of NL200, really concentrating on that one in between hands. Knowing some of the NL100 regulars also play NL200/NL400, I'm certain I've not plateaued in terms of skill level. I'm, not going to jump into multi-tabling NL200 straight away as I plan to withdraw a lot again this month to help pay for the car/new phone/possibly a PS3. I would be pissed off if I encountered a downswing of NL200 proportions when I'd been planning on withdrawing heavily!

Going to try and log a few hands as work is quiet and I've been lazy with poker volume lately. Let's get down to recording another excellent month! Good luck all :-)

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TEAMDOBB said...

Funny wot a small world it is. Sitting on 1st table at Virgin festival guy says to me " Are you Teamdobbs" It was ZMartini who linked up with you and remembered my comments. Double linked now and a nice guy, even nicer after his QQ donation to a 10 high board. (AA 0:))