Thursday, 3 April 2008

Upon review...

...I ran really, really badly.

That's easy for me to say, but I was well prepared for beating myself up and it's pretty hard to looking at my results. There was one poor stack off where I had a straight and couldn't fold when pretty sure he filled up on the river. Apart from that the money went in good the vast majority of the time. My expected winning % is included when the money went in.

Losers >100BBs:
150BBs 80% (Overly aggro spewy opponent shoving flop with MPNK)
130BBs 80% (KK vs JJ PF)
125BBs 80% (AA vs QQ PF)
105BBs 20% (KK vs AA PF, same aggro opponent, I'm never folding)
102BBs Aforementioned FH vs Str, 55BBs river call :-(

Winners >100BBs:
124BBs 95% Flopped nut flush vs Overpair
123BBs 95% Set vs 2P which became FH vs FH on turn
100BBs 95% Set vs TPTK
100BBs 80% QQ vs An unknown pair

You don't need A Level Maths to work out that I'm below return on equity. I never sucked out in a big pot for my winners, and three 5/1 shots popped up in BIG pots for my losers. Add to that a boat load of these situations where I am just never folding. Gah, nevermind. I'll pick it back up I'm sure, although not in the mood today.

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