Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tournament Day

As it's the WSOP freeroll again tonight, I've decided to register for a few MTTs and play those tonight as a break from cash. I had a really frustrating day yesterday playing over 2k hands for about $30, working out at about £2 per hour. Thank God for rakeback. I would build and build to decent profit, then bang a two outer and it's gone. Could have been worse obviously but it's been the first time I've been down about a poker session in ages. I've even felt better about losing days than I did about yesterday. Ugh!

I'm probably going to use that money in Interpoker to buy in to several MTTs across both Crypto and Ladbrokes. I've just got a couple of satellites on the go too, a $7 rebuy for the $20k GTD and what I though was one of those lotteries where you automatically go all in every hand for 60p for the £7k GTD. What it is however is a proper MTT satellite for 60p to another £4 satellite to the main event. That is hideously depressing and thus I am gambling with owt half decent. Actually I've just gone out now! TT was check raised all in on 742 rainbow flop by QJ and J on turn, lol wpnhsir etc!

Hoping to have 5-8 MTTs on the go from 8pm onwards and fingers crossed for a couple of cashes. All good practice as I'm looking at playing a couple of events at Newcastle GUKPT later in the year and I've not been a regular tournament player for some time now. They do tend to cause much more of a reaction from me than the cash games however, hopefully nothing gets broken ;-)

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