Monday, 21 April 2008


Just finished a very frustrating session. I was expecting this post to be much worse than it's going to be, which is great testament to my ability that I've managed to finish $65 up for the 2.2k hands today.

I've lost six overpair situations (80%) each for minimum 100BBs. I managed to get 160BBs all in pre flop AA vs KK which is just the perfect situation but K flopped and goodbye big stack. Only one was not all in preflop, I squeezed w/KK, one raiser calls out of position and we see a low rainbow flop. I cont bet and he just flat calls, then checks a J turn to me. he only has a pot sized bet left so I get it in and of course he has JJ. Well played retard.

What was then worse after these suckouts, I continued to pick up big pairs, only everyone thinks I'm on tilt and i'm getting lots of passive calls. I was seeing four way flops of 89T w/AA and KK, and Axx flops w/QQ and JJ. How many turns completed 4 flushes and 4 straights were no-ones business! Grrrrrr!

Still I was $350 down at one point and to finish in profit I was expecting to have to play till 4am! Pleased to have cracked it though and as Ben always points out I will have earned some rakeback along the way!

Had a cracking weekend though, end of season footy bash which the club kindly picked up the tab for the meal and a few more beers. Ended up in Mood in The Gate which was entertaining on so many different levels! Also saw 21 the movie on Friday which was a bit crap to be honest. If you've read the book (Bringing Down The House) then don't bother going to see it. Unless you're a Kate Bosworth fan ;-) She's my age actually. Kate get in touch if you're reading please. Don't give me your work number and ask me to call you on Monday though, that's a bit off!

Also you know you've made it in the world of small stakes poker when you get yourself an iPhone. Damn those things are awesome! Should I ever get lost it can auto-locate itself! It's effectively a tiny wireless Mac notebook computer so has tons of functionality. The touch screen is excellent and easy to use and consequently it has some pretty cool games. I tried to get it to order me a beer at the weekend but I think that's an add on for the next revision ;-)

Hope you're all running better than me at the moment, good luck all :-)


Amatay said...

Sounds like one of my recent posts mate. Fucking Nightmares!!!!!

The Busted Man said...

Link up?? Best of luck n take care.

TEAMDOBB said...

lololol SDJFHSLDKF You Stalker!

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