Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Quick catch up...

...before I head to the gym.

Won another $350 in cash yesterday so back on target for a decent month. Went deep in the WSOP freeroll eventually finishing 15th of 120 odd but a very top heavy structure with a $14k package to the winner and $300 for 2nd place. I felted AQ hoping for a race with the BB who shoved over my MP raise for 90% of my chips. Unfortunately he had AK. I've thought about this decision a bit more and I'm still undecided. I was below average on chips and had been card dead for a while with no chance to steal. I even asked myself, 'Am I felting this if a bigger stack pushes behind?' during the hand. Hindsight wins of course but at the time and with such a top heavy structure I decided to make the call and lose. Few hands later SB shoves into my BB with me totally committed, I snap call with K5s, but his AQ hits and wins. Roll on next week.

Also, I suck at heads up cash. Well at least I think I do. I want to make hero calls all the time. Only £80 left and I'm going to be mega disciplined with it!

My sister has managed to get a corporate hospitality ticket for the Stretford End at OT tonight for the QF versus Roma. The lucky cow! I'll obviously be watching and hope we can do the job that's required. I fancy us to beat Barca and anyone in the final, though the league is still very very close!

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