Thursday, 3 April 2008


Long overdue downswing to finish today -$500 :-(

The old me would have lost a lot more I'm pretty sure. I ran KK into AA twice, and missed out on so many medium sized pots with sets, straights and even flushes being drawn out on. I really did win the vast majority of these last month, and obviously need to take the good with the bad, but it sure stings when it happens so much in 3k hands for the day. It was the 3bet pots that did it today though, with one overly aggressive villain getting lucky for 3 of my stacks. I'll try to find an hour tomorrow to review my session. I think looking at my play today bluntly, I'd only have broken even if I ran true on equity. I need to find out if there were situations where I was maybe too happy to get the money in a bit light. I got so much action today though it'll be hard to say for sure!

Busy work day tomorrow and pool league on the evening, so don't think I'll play tomorrow. I've probably already raked enough to qualify for this weeks WSOP freeroll, and want to be fresh to make back my losses.

Well there you go then... "About time, the lucky bastard" I hear you say ;-)

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