Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Easiest if I just let the graph do the talking.

Untracked profit:

~$200 from my laptop
~$300 playing at friends' houses
~$700 rakeback

March Total: ~$4500

Have cleared out funds to leave me $2500 to play NL100 again this month, and hopefully build enough to be taking NL200 shots by the end of April.


Z said...

Congrats on the sucessfull month, enjoying the blog. Hoping to step up my game for similar profits soon! Fancy linking me up?

TEAMDOBB said...

Impressive stuff m8-never doubted ya.What do you put big change down to? I notice u highlight break and card runner.

Brenos said...

Z, how did you find my blog? Happy to exchange links no problem :-)

Dobbs, I've definitely improved with watching a lot of the CR stuff, but if I had to give one reason as to why I've done so well, it would be emotional control.

Z said...

I just randomly follow blog links now and again and stop when I see one I fancy a read of. :)
Good luck.