Monday, 7 April 2008

Low volume, high return

Not played too much lately. Had a busy weekend but played 2 tables at a mates house for an hour. He wanted to watch me play for 'big cash' :-) We used to donk around on the £1 STTs on Betfair when it was still with Crypto, he is by no means a poker player, but witnessed my progress as I picked up a quick $100.

Forgot about £175 I had sitting in Interpoker, so decided to use that as a Heads Up fund and play one-on-one NL50. Enjoyed the different game dynamics, but the account is now at £130 after a set over set and an iffy river call against separate opponents. We had both been pretty aggressive and his range was so polarized he either flopped the nuts or was semi bluffing with a pair/str draw type hand which I beat with bottom 2 pair. Such is life, he flopped the straight. Will continue to play though as think I am more than capable of running that account up.

Played a proper session just now for a nice $550. Nothing fancy or swingy, steady away profit with hands holding in the big pots :-)

In other news I have my MRI results which show a 'Complex tear in the lateral meniscus, posterior third extending into the middle third. No displaced meniscal fragments identified. Cruciate and collateral ligaments are intact'. So semi-good news in that my ligaments are fine and it's just soft cartilage damage, but Doc thinks I'm shafted for footy anytime soon. 'Complex' means it has horizontal and vertical components and is pretty damn big, so that's annoying. I've been referred today to an Orthopedic Surgeon who will be able to give me solid advice... Wait for an operation then full rehab, or rehab now, play footy and possibly knack my knee and need the surgery anyway. Playing the waiting game now for the specialist referral, could be a good few weeks on the NHS.

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TEAMDOBB said...

kkGuy I employ as depot manager for me and who played fotty for me for years has just been under the knife for knee probs. Key hole wots it and clear out with holes drilled in bone stuff oucha. Hobbling round on crutches he is but back at work! Wot a hero. Thanks for forum plug its had good initial reaction. Keep chugging.