Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Beep Beep!

Not quite!

Went for a jog today and God am I unfit!! The knee actually felt OK but I couldn't really test it out as I didn't have the stamina. About 10 minutes jogging I had to sack it in and come back inside and take my inhaler. I've not had to use that thing for years! I was aware of my left knee feeling a bit strange but not exactly painful. My left leg muscles however have clearly not been contributing as much as they should have to walking in the last 6 months, as they fatigued really quickly compared with my right. Still I'll go again on Wednesday as I'm determined to get right.

Don't know what to think about the football tonight. I'm pretty nervous after Chelsea at the weekend. The best way to tell is when the players are lined up in the tunnel, and you can see it in their eyes just how up for it they are. Come on United!

Still no poker playing although I've sweated a mate and watched some videos. It's the WSOP freeroll tonight which I'll run on my laptop, but that takes a back seat to the football for sure! Maybe I'll play afterwards I don't know. Hopefully I'll be on the beer and not wanting to play :-)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Personal Challenge

I've realised that I've raked a fair bit this month, in that rakeback should be in the region of ~$800 when it comes in early May. So I've decided to make a huge withdrawal to leave me just $1k bankroll and play NL50 for what should hopefully be only a couple of weeks.

Have felt a bit iffy about poker lately and feel I need a break and probably a bit of a kick up the arse. I lost three buyins in absolutely no time this evening, which was the ultimate confirmation that I maybe need to do this.

Previously I've felt I've been been unlucky with aggression preflop, and losing races. I squeeze w/QQ and AK gets there, I squeeze w/AK and miss etc etc. Perhaps I need to calm down versus the regulars, even though I've had more than my share of bad beats. The same is true versus the donks, where in some cases I've been value betting for them. The money did go in bad this evening.

I'm going to watch a few small stakes videos over the weekend and not play at all until Monday. Fingers crossed this has the same kind of effect as my last break, I go on a tear and regain my confidence.

Also the orthopeadic surgeon has recommended I don't go for the knee operation. At least not unless there are some complications. I've been given the go ahead to do as much as I can within the pain barrier. Obviously I'll be easing myself in but I can't wait to go for a jog next week. It's felt strong when I've had to pick up my feet and hurry across the road and other stuff, so I'll do some jogging on grass on Tuesday I think. Been hammering the gym lately so couple that with hopefully a lot of running soon and I should be in decent shape for the summer and next season!

Monday, 21 April 2008


Just finished a very frustrating session. I was expecting this post to be much worse than it's going to be, which is great testament to my ability that I've managed to finish $65 up for the 2.2k hands today.

I've lost six overpair situations (80%) each for minimum 100BBs. I managed to get 160BBs all in pre flop AA vs KK which is just the perfect situation but K flopped and goodbye big stack. Only one was not all in preflop, I squeezed w/KK, one raiser calls out of position and we see a low rainbow flop. I cont bet and he just flat calls, then checks a J turn to me. he only has a pot sized bet left so I get it in and of course he has JJ. Well played retard.

What was then worse after these suckouts, I continued to pick up big pairs, only everyone thinks I'm on tilt and i'm getting lots of passive calls. I was seeing four way flops of 89T w/AA and KK, and Axx flops w/QQ and JJ. How many turns completed 4 flushes and 4 straights were no-ones business! Grrrrrr!

Still I was $350 down at one point and to finish in profit I was expecting to have to play till 4am! Pleased to have cracked it though and as Ben always points out I will have earned some rakeback along the way!

Had a cracking weekend though, end of season footy bash which the club kindly picked up the tab for the meal and a few more beers. Ended up in Mood in The Gate which was entertaining on so many different levels! Also saw 21 the movie on Friday which was a bit crap to be honest. If you've read the book (Bringing Down The House) then don't bother going to see it. Unless you're a Kate Bosworth fan ;-) She's my age actually. Kate get in touch if you're reading please. Don't give me your work number and ask me to call you on Monday though, that's a bit off!

Also you know you've made it in the world of small stakes poker when you get yourself an iPhone. Damn those things are awesome! Should I ever get lost it can auto-locate itself! It's effectively a tiny wireless Mac notebook computer so has tons of functionality. The touch screen is excellent and easy to use and consequently it has some pretty cool games. I tried to get it to order me a beer at the weekend but I think that's an add on for the next revision ;-)

Hope you're all running better than me at the moment, good luck all :-)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Slight Return

Great song!

I final tabled in the $4k GTD Headhunter on IP for ~$180 which was my only significant return this evening. I managed to get midway in the WSOP freeroll but an unlucky exit with me on the button w/QQ and the BB shoving over my 'steal' which I insta call but he has KK :-( I came 14th I think in a $4 350 runner deepstack FO for $12. If I'd bothered to check the structure/runners I'd never have entered this. Depressing. I went deep for no cash in £2 and £5 MTTs on IP and was the bubble boy in a 220 runner $20 FO on Ladbrokes :-( At least I know I can still play tournaments and found it easy to get back into the 'test match' frame of mind.

Free plug time for BBC iPlayer. What a fantastic service. I don't watch much TV at all, but love a good documentary and think the BBC stuff is the best in the world. 'Tiger - Spy in the Jungle' is amazing viewing. Also downloaded a few episodes of Top Gear I've missed, some cooking shows, 'In search of Medieval Britain' where the latest episode was about the north of England, and 'Life in Cold Blood' which is the latest David Attenborough series. I've got a cracking monitor on my PC which is effectively an HDTV which I don't have so it's an all round better viewing experience.

Felt a bit crap today with cold, hopefully will pick up for gym tomorrow as I'm really enjoying it and seeing good progress. Feel miles better after being a sloth for 5 months. Appt with Orthopedic Surgeon confirmed for the 23rd though so will know soon if I need the op. Right think I'll find something on iPlayer and retire for the night, good luck all :-)

Tournament Day

As it's the WSOP freeroll again tonight, I've decided to register for a few MTTs and play those tonight as a break from cash. I had a really frustrating day yesterday playing over 2k hands for about $30, working out at about £2 per hour. Thank God for rakeback. I would build and build to decent profit, then bang a two outer and it's gone. Could have been worse obviously but it's been the first time I've been down about a poker session in ages. I've even felt better about losing days than I did about yesterday. Ugh!

I'm probably going to use that money in Interpoker to buy in to several MTTs across both Crypto and Ladbrokes. I've just got a couple of satellites on the go too, a $7 rebuy for the $20k GTD and what I though was one of those lotteries where you automatically go all in every hand for 60p for the £7k GTD. What it is however is a proper MTT satellite for 60p to another £4 satellite to the main event. That is hideously depressing and thus I am gambling with owt half decent. Actually I've just gone out now! TT was check raised all in on 742 rainbow flop by QJ and J on turn, lol wpnhsir etc!

Hoping to have 5-8 MTTs on the go from 8pm onwards and fingers crossed for a couple of cashes. All good practice as I'm looking at playing a couple of events at Newcastle GUKPT later in the year and I've not been a regular tournament player for some time now. They do tend to cause much more of a reaction from me than the cash games however, hopefully nothing gets broken ;-)

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Had a bit of a roller coaster yesterday, winning $100 in the afternoon, losing $400 early evening and finally finishing $220 up for the day. My percentage plays where I'd expect to take down pots 60-80% of the time fell into the lesser category, couple that with a few suckouts in major pots and queue downswing! That's nothing compared to the -$1k downswing I had at the start of the month though. I've had a few more winners I've not posted and I'm currently $1400 up for the month. I've effectively won two and half grand in seven days! Poker isn't dead!

My bankroll currently stands at $3.8k and once it surpasses $4k I'm going to start taking shots at NL200. Pretty chuffed to think that's come from $70 in late December, with more than double being withdrawn along the way! Rather than 6 table NL100, I think four tables of NL100 and one of NL200, really concentrating on that one in between hands. Knowing some of the NL100 regulars also play NL200/NL400, I'm certain I've not plateaued in terms of skill level. I'm, not going to jump into multi-tabling NL200 straight away as I plan to withdraw a lot again this month to help pay for the car/new phone/possibly a PS3. I would be pissed off if I encountered a downswing of NL200 proportions when I'd been planning on withdrawing heavily!

Going to try and log a few hands as work is quiet and I've been lazy with poker volume lately. Let's get down to recording another excellent month! Good luck all :-)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Quick catch up...

...before I head to the gym.

Won another $350 in cash yesterday so back on target for a decent month. Went deep in the WSOP freeroll eventually finishing 15th of 120 odd but a very top heavy structure with a $14k package to the winner and $300 for 2nd place. I felted AQ hoping for a race with the BB who shoved over my MP raise for 90% of my chips. Unfortunately he had AK. I've thought about this decision a bit more and I'm still undecided. I was below average on chips and had been card dead for a while with no chance to steal. I even asked myself, 'Am I felting this if a bigger stack pushes behind?' during the hand. Hindsight wins of course but at the time and with such a top heavy structure I decided to make the call and lose. Few hands later SB shoves into my BB with me totally committed, I snap call with K5s, but his AQ hits and wins. Roll on next week.

Also, I suck at heads up cash. Well at least I think I do. I want to make hero calls all the time. Only £80 left and I'm going to be mega disciplined with it!

My sister has managed to get a corporate hospitality ticket for the Stretford End at OT tonight for the QF versus Roma. The lucky cow! I'll obviously be watching and hope we can do the job that's required. I fancy us to beat Barca and anyone in the final, though the league is still very very close!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Low volume, high return

Not played too much lately. Had a busy weekend but played 2 tables at a mates house for an hour. He wanted to watch me play for 'big cash' :-) We used to donk around on the £1 STTs on Betfair when it was still with Crypto, he is by no means a poker player, but witnessed my progress as I picked up a quick $100.

Forgot about £175 I had sitting in Interpoker, so decided to use that as a Heads Up fund and play one-on-one NL50. Enjoyed the different game dynamics, but the account is now at £130 after a set over set and an iffy river call against separate opponents. We had both been pretty aggressive and his range was so polarized he either flopped the nuts or was semi bluffing with a pair/str draw type hand which I beat with bottom 2 pair. Such is life, he flopped the straight. Will continue to play though as think I am more than capable of running that account up.

Played a proper session just now for a nice $550. Nothing fancy or swingy, steady away profit with hands holding in the big pots :-)

In other news I have my MRI results which show a 'Complex tear in the lateral meniscus, posterior third extending into the middle third. No displaced meniscal fragments identified. Cruciate and collateral ligaments are intact'. So semi-good news in that my ligaments are fine and it's just soft cartilage damage, but Doc thinks I'm shafted for footy anytime soon. 'Complex' means it has horizontal and vertical components and is pretty damn big, so that's annoying. I've been referred today to an Orthopedic Surgeon who will be able to give me solid advice... Wait for an operation then full rehab, or rehab now, play footy and possibly knack my knee and need the surgery anyway. Playing the waiting game now for the specialist referral, could be a good few weeks on the NHS.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Newcastle Poker Forum

The good fellas over at TeamDobbs have put together and launched a Newcastle Poker Forum.

I know I have a fair few local playing readers, so if you're reading this please stop by and sign up. Takes literally 30 seconds to do and will help in the first and hardest step in getting the community setup. They're putting in a lot of initial hard work, posting card room schedules and writing reviews of the casinos. If the player base is there, I'm sure it won't be long before the card room managers are members themselves and are actively promoting events by means of the forum. This can only serve to improve poker in the community and keep us all in-the-know. See you on the forums :-)

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Upon review...

...I ran really, really badly.

That's easy for me to say, but I was well prepared for beating myself up and it's pretty hard to looking at my results. There was one poor stack off where I had a straight and couldn't fold when pretty sure he filled up on the river. Apart from that the money went in good the vast majority of the time. My expected winning % is included when the money went in.

Losers >100BBs:
150BBs 80% (Overly aggro spewy opponent shoving flop with MPNK)
130BBs 80% (KK vs JJ PF)
125BBs 80% (AA vs QQ PF)
105BBs 20% (KK vs AA PF, same aggro opponent, I'm never folding)
102BBs Aforementioned FH vs Str, 55BBs river call :-(

Winners >100BBs:
124BBs 95% Flopped nut flush vs Overpair
123BBs 95% Set vs 2P which became FH vs FH on turn
100BBs 95% Set vs TPTK
100BBs 80% QQ vs An unknown pair

You don't need A Level Maths to work out that I'm below return on equity. I never sucked out in a big pot for my winners, and three 5/1 shots popped up in BIG pots for my losers. Add to that a boat load of these situations where I am just never folding. Gah, nevermind. I'll pick it back up I'm sure, although not in the mood today.


Long overdue downswing to finish today -$500 :-(

The old me would have lost a lot more I'm pretty sure. I ran KK into AA twice, and missed out on so many medium sized pots with sets, straights and even flushes being drawn out on. I really did win the vast majority of these last month, and obviously need to take the good with the bad, but it sure stings when it happens so much in 3k hands for the day. It was the 3bet pots that did it today though, with one overly aggressive villain getting lucky for 3 of my stacks. I'll try to find an hour tomorrow to review my session. I think looking at my play today bluntly, I'd only have broken even if I ran true on equity. I need to find out if there were situations where I was maybe too happy to get the money in a bit light. I got so much action today though it'll be hard to say for sure!

Busy work day tomorrow and pool league on the evening, so don't think I'll play tomorrow. I've probably already raked enough to qualify for this weeks WSOP freeroll, and want to be fresh to make back my losses.

Well there you go then... "About time, the lucky bastard" I hear you say ;-)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Quick bash

Played an hour just now, 500 hands for $165. April continues well for me. This is the first I've played as I've been slightly antsy about getting started again after the great form back end of last month. Proved to myself that I've not got anything to worry about though, I read all situations very well this afternoon. Good luck in April everyone :-)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Easiest if I just let the graph do the talking.

Untracked profit:

~$200 from my laptop
~$300 playing at friends' houses
~$700 rakeback

March Total: ~$4500

Have cleared out funds to leave me $2500 to play NL100 again this month, and hopefully build enough to be taking NL200 shots by the end of April.