Friday, 28 March 2008

When will it end?

Played 1500 hands for $620 today. One $280 session this afternoon, and $340 later this evening. I feel so good about poker at the moment, obviously. Thing is, with this recent level of success it's a strange feeling to be questioning yourself. Am I just running super hot? I know a lot of the players are terrible and I'd expect to win a bit in the long run. I am at my peak in terms of cash game skill, I know I'm better than I ever have been. But winning this much, sustained for this long? Well I won't be making any changes for a while I can tell you that much :-)

Had my MRI on Thursday evening. I was pretty curious and quite looking forward to it, but the experience is pretty grim. The noise it makes it horrendous. I wasn't even fully in the machine as it was only my knee that was to be scanned, but still you feel pretty claustrophobic. Mine was a short scan at ~20 minutes too, I don't envy anyone who's had to have a brain scan at ~45 minutes in one of those things. I'm no worrier by any stretch of the imagination, but when it started to kick in I couldn't help but wonder if I'd accidentally swallowed something metal and it was about to ripped from my torso Alien style.

Black tie corporate dinner & drinks Saturday evening, followed by possible boozed up blackjack/poker donking in town afterwards. Also WSOP freeroll on Sunday which I shall be making a real go of. Have a good weekend :-)

Late edit: Another late bash for another $160. Was hard work as a few drunks got lucky and knocked me back several times, but I kept my head and pulled through. $780 for the day :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

Your ze man

TEAMDOBB said...

When does the "Brenos Cash Poker Skool" open for business?
Let me know