Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Thin spots

Going to share some losers with you from this month. Some the money goes in ahead, some behind. Either way I remember these hands to cause me some difficulty at the time. The point is here to not be results orientated but to make correct decisions. Suckouts happen all the time. Stats in brackets are VPIP/PFR/AF.

Hand 1: This happened today and inspired this post. I didn't know much about my opponent but had seen him play back at steals and was somewhat expecting a raise. I bet/3bet the flop showing huge strength. I obviously didn't like his shove but I had now put half my stack in and felt I had to call. Turns out my read was correct but this is still a very thin move. Bet/folding the flop is optimal here but given my 3bet and read do you fold to his shove?

Hand 2: I had not seen this villain check/raise many flops. He's a semi-aware player (20/14/3) that I felt was trying to move me off a medium pair here given my pre flop play. I put him semi-bluffing with big cards and got the turn card I wanted to get it all in. He time-banked and eventually called. Is TP/TK good enough here most of the time at this level? I guess I'm going to have to get more aggressive with the regular aggressive opponents, starting by 3betting this preflop.

Hand 3: This is something I'm going to learn to deal with if I'm going to continue to win at NL200 and above. This guy had been relentlessly 3betting me in position over 2 tables, and it was time to take a stand. I'm not quite sure if getting TT in preflop against very aggressive opponents is standard at NL200+ (28/25/5). TT is at the bottom of my 4bet range here but I know once I've 4bet that I'm not folding to his shove. I think that every once in a while I'm going to have to take these small equity edges and run with them. Obviously table selection helps cut this huge variance play down, but I will not be run over and it's good meta-game overall.

Any feedback is welcomed. I was going to jump straight in and start playing now but I'm going to have to wait as whilst going through my losing hands I've been forced to look at all my 2-6 outers for the month! Not posting any but here's an amusing hand, my opponent makes what can only be described as a "bluff call" LOL :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

which alias should i be laughing at - check lol i assume ;)

Pretty sure against a decent player this is - ev anyway

Brenos said...

Yup it's all horrible mate, both of us with no showdown value! Nice advertising for one of my few semi-bluffs though ;-)

I hate my KJ hand (1) but it's similar to a one we discussed a while ago where you had a small pair and str draw in a RR pot and he called your shove with only overcards for ~60bbs. Again it's 30% at best but the stack size/committment threshold makes this a tough spot.

Think I might buy Bill Chen's Mathematics of Poker as I'm pretty interested in the numbers side of things lately :-)

Anonymous said...

As you know I'm not a regular 6 handed player, so choose to take these comments as you wish. I'd be interested to hear what you and others think though as will improve my game too, as in 10 seated game I'd have just folded all 3 hands pre flop!!

Hand 1:
I'd call the final all in I think if I'd made all your moves, and be desperately hoping to be up against a flush draw to have 2 live cards.

As he didn't reraise pre flop, I wouldn't put him on J's or better, so you could have 6 live cards, but he could easily have hit a set after pre flop flat call meaning you are drawing dead. I like bet fold on flop or even check vs ultra aggressive players here to wait for a better spot to have raising war. If you've not got much info on him but seen him be aggressive, it could be good to create a tight table image to steal later with cont. bets when you miss.

Hand 2:
Totally agree - reraise pre flop and define your hand. Flat calling here gets you nowhere but trouble unless you hit 2 pair vs AK, as you just don't know where you are.

It's far harder for him to represent strength with check raise here if you've reraised him pre flop, even if he is aware enough to see you utilising position. If he does check raise in that situation, you just fold.

Hand 3:
Not sure on this one - can see your thinking on not wanting to be run over but don't TT is best hand to do it with. The fact he's reraised your 4 bet puts you in a tough spot, but if he flat calls your 4 bet you still have problems. Pot will be 80 if he flat calls, does this mean you push on any flop for last 60 or just hope it's low?

Here's couple of other suggestions:
1. If you put him on 2 high cards (AK, KQ, AQ) then flat call his 3 bet pre flop and check raise his ass on any flop with J high or worse might be better - he'll fold high cards to check raise and you can save some cash if it comes down big cards (barring runner runner possibility). If he has overpair you were crushed no matter what way you play (5 bets pre flop), but if not you can teach him a lesson for always reraising.
Granted he could have mid pair on high board but think you just have to give him his pot in this case as he does have position.

2. Fold like a girl and find an easier table :-)

Good luck for rest of month - I'm looking forward to your Spag Bol and a drive in your new car soon