Monday, 24 March 2008

Ten High?!

Managed to get my new car taxed in a last minute mad rush to get up to Newcastle for a long weekend of football, beer and poker. The car is quality, however I discovered that the wipers are fubarred and stick on the first setting, hopefully that's something I can fix myself.

Watched Everton Vs West Ham with some pub grub then off to a mates house for many beers and what can loosely be described as poker. Thing is, it's actually a pretty good lineup. If two more regular playing mates had been around at the weekend, this would be as tough a table as you'd find at any casino. A combination of £5 rebuys, beer and having a laugh with mates caused me to take it far from seriously, and I ended up being a huge donator.

I made a move pretty early raising our host on a flop of AK4 with T3 (Azz limped in the cut off? Yeah I'll limp behind on the button!). Didn't like getting called so I checked behind a J turn. This was the case of both of us putting each other on shit but the beautiful Q popped up on the river for Azz to lead into me for a pot sized bet. I quickly shoved for not much more and gave Azz a bit of grief and told him to fold his bluff. He has to call though and I obviously get berated. This leads to a recurring "Ten High?!" shout whenever I'm involved in a pot. This wasn't too often though, as I think my highest ranked hand in this game was A8. I inevitably got short and decided to go on a rampage and open shoved any two cards until I doubled up. I did once but then on a decent stack my two pair got flushed, so rinse repeat I open shove any two again. I'm not sure how much I dropped as I didn't check my wallet, but it was certainly no short change even though it was only a £5 rebuy.

I triumphed at something else that evening though. Guitar Hero! This game is awesome! Class with mates, beers and South Park jokes.

Next day I woke up with a stonking hangover exactly at kick off to watch us beat the scouse scum 3-0. Reasonably happy with Chelsea winning too although the draw would have been better behind a large bomb going off ;-) Also managed to win $150 this afternoon in about an hour so weekend paid for pretty much :-)

Late Update: Played a bit more for another $150 tonight. Steady away :-)

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