Monday, 31 March 2008

Still suffering

Had an excellent if rather hedonistic weekend. Was great to catch up with people I've not seen in a while, as well as making some new friends. Very nice meal with accompanied table wine got the ball rolling and the 800 or so people were soon up dancing, gambling in the fake casino and generally mixing having a good time. It was a great location within St James' Park, but unfortunately the opportunity never arose for me to steal onto the pitch, beat a few imaginary defenders (Spurs back four?), smack one in from the edge of the box and whip my suit jacket behind my head and run off in celebration ;-)

Myself and Rich made a cunning observation shortly after the meal. Poker players who get lucky and double up just at the right time in tournaments also win raffle prizes! Congrats to Ben with his chocolate win, and to Soap for winning a Wii. He'd just bought one though and in a very nice gesture gave it away to some friends. I'd have done the same of course, but instead given it to my friend "Ebay" for a nominal fee.

I did OK in the fake casino, wagering my entire roll on one hand of 5 card poker, and busting the dealer hitting a nice two pair. I then gave all that away to a friend playing craps, which had just way too many betting options for me to handle at that point. Busted some moves on the dancefloor for the rest of the evening until it was time to move on.

My memory then gets hazy as it tends to do, I really can't handle my drink these days. We ended up in Aspers drinking into the small hours. I met some people from Co Durham who had traveled up to play the poker tournament that evening. Davey, one of the better regulars had final tabled and was on for just under £1000 if I remember correctly. I soon realised however that I had no conversational skills and left to find my much more inebriated group of friends. I couldn't resist the pull of blackjack on the way back from the poker room though, and sank what I think was £40 in four hands at the floor-wide minimum stake of £10. I can't recall for sure. Damn those clever bastards!

Finally crashed at around 6am but even then didn't sleep too great. I felt horrible all Sunday and had already decided that the WSOP freeroll would be a write off. I had already fallen asleep in between hands on several occasions before I exited 42/87 when JJ was no good vs KQ. Managed to not fall asleep at the wheel on the way home and had a good kip last night. Still feeling it though and strangely don't have much appetite, managing only a few slices of pizza on Sunday and nothing yet today. Doubt I'll play poker unless I feel a lot better later on. Good luck if you're playing and thanks all for a very good weekend :-)

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