Wednesday, 5 March 2008

RIP Mondeo

My first car, a 1998 brown Ford Mondeo (with an electric driver seat no less) has failed it's MOT. It needs about £500 worth of work to get it through, which as I paid £600 for the car, isn't a sensible decision. Obviously gutted as I now need to buy a new car, but also slightly sentimental as it's been my only car and it's taken me all over. I've done 35k miles in 18 months, which puts it's total at 145k. What is even more surprising is that it runs perfectly. It's only failed on excessive corrosion underneath the rear, effecting the brake pipes, rear brakes and suspension. Will hopefully be able to recoup some money for spares/scrap on it. Anyway it's declared off the road so it's bus and train to Newcastle on Friday for a big weekend.

I didn't play live on Monday and was out in the first hour in the $25k freeroll. Made a nice play and got it in on the turn only for the river to bring his 3 outer. Shame but would rather have it happen earlier rather than mid-way through.

Cash has started well. After an initial NL100 loss, I won most of that back at NL50. So tonight I play NL100 again and win 5 buyins in under 500 hands. My software crashed and I lost all my seats, including a golden one to the left of an uberdonk. So I'll break for a while and maybe have another hour or so later.

I am also top 10 in the rake race, which I can't believe. I've barely played and the majority of what I have has been at NL50. First place is waaay ahead however and I may have difficulty beating him if he's going to keep that up for the month. But with a healthy bankroll, confidence high and the need to get a new car sharpish, I'm going to hammer the tables for the next three races and hopefully pick up a nice score this month. I should make at least top 3 which would be $1800 in bonus alone which is my aim as that effectively is a new car.

No really interesting poker hands to share just yet, will definitely get into a few situations soon though as the 3 bet frequency at NL100 is miles higher than I've been used to for a while. Anyway, 7k hands for $350 profit thus far, bankroll a smidge under $3k, lets gogogogogo!

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