Monday, 3 March 2008


Played and lost a few buyins back at NL100 last night. The regs are of much higher standard but the donks are just as bad. I refuse to post bad beat HHs in my first update, but just to summarise:

KK isn't as good as KJ all in pre flop for 100BB.
Don't under any circumstance bet pot every street with QJ on JJ2 rainbow board because A3 makes a straight.

Numerous other flippy situations didn't go my way either, but I'm happy to report I've made nearly all it back at NL50 this evening despite KK vs AA twice. I absolutely refuse to fold KK pre flop at NL50 at Ladbrokes. One of those this evening I was 95% he had AA, but I shoved flop anyway. Can you get away???

Waiting on rakeback to get paid so I can get back to NL100. Ladbrokes are running a pretty good promotion this month - a rake race with WSOP prizes. The top raker in each category gets $1,250 each week, which I think is outstanding value considering you also get 30% rakeback on >25k PPs. 9th place gets $100 then smaller payments after that. I'm sure I'm off pace this week but hope to still get top 20 and then make a real go for the rest of the month. 4 tabling is out the window! Top 50 get a $20k WSOP freeroll at the end of the month. $14k package to the winner and various satellite entries if you make the final table.

Might decide on making another deposit to beef up the BR to >30 buyins, and possibly even get a second monitor setup so I can comfortably 8 table. Will see how I'm going for a while anyway, no good doing that if I'm haemorrhaging!

Torn between $25k Freeroll online, or £5 rebuy live tomorrow night. If a few mates are going then I'll play live. That's assuming I'm in a fit state, as I can't lift my arms above my head, or fully extend them after my gym session on friday. If I had to fight my way out of a wet paper bag to save humanity, then I'm sorry but you're all doomed. Two years off the weights then training with a guy who benches 100kg as his warm up isn't good for you. Was due back at the gym tomorrow but going to need more rest! The car needs it's MOT and I'm not actually sure I can drive it to the garage tomorrow it's that bad! I'm a wreck!

Happy pokerring :-)

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