Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Mixed post

Last night I played some more and got my total for the day up to $420.

This afternoon however I have ran like dog shit and am -$550 after only 1.2k hands. It's not been AA vs KK stuff, I wish it was. It's been crap like AK all in on AK2 flop for AQ to make a flush, flopping straights to be rivered, flopped set no good to runner runner straight, flopped set oversetted on river, etc etc. I even missed a monster combo draw against a 40BB shortstack, I have Tc8c, flop 9cJd4c, he shoves with 66 and it holds!

Anyway I'm not too down about it as I'm still good for the month and have clearly been running like God for a week. Going to get some food into me and setup my second monitor. When I did this last year Interpoker with 8+ tables would crash my PC. Hopefully Ladbrokes will cope and I can sit tight and play 18/14 over 10 tables to try and get out of this hole for the day.

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