Monday, 10 March 2008

Lots of poker forecast

On Thursday I continued my good form and won another $350 in about 600 hands. Friday I trained it up to Newcastle and spent that and more on a pretty busy weekend. Still feel a bit tired today and am not on top of my game and consequently am currently stuck $125 over 1.3k hands for this evening.

I've had a couple of coolers and one horrific call down when I had AA on high/low combo flop. I'm compacting my DB so can't get the HH, but so can't remember exactly, think it was QTx. I bet the flop and turn heavily, leaving me a pitiful amount to put in on the river. This brought a fourth spade but I'm absolutely committed. He timebanks my shove and calls with 77 with the spade. His flop and turn play absolutely stinks. He justified himself in chat saying he played the hand boldly so deserved it, as I'd been re-raising lots. Comedy gold. I'll get him later I thought. Last pot I played with him I re-raise with KK and get it on the turn when he'd hit his gutter with 67. So maybe next time!

This weeks rake race started on Saturday and today has been my first play, so I'm well off pace with being away for the weekend. I'm going to play as much as possible though and hopefully get a 3rd place $600. I came 14th last week for $45 playing in the region of 8k hands, 4k of which were at NL50. I'm hoping I can get more than 12k in at NL100 this week. Incidentally the villain from the hands above came 3rd, so if that's the quality of regular who clearly has no understanding of 3betting then I'm going to rape this level, full stop. Roll on a busy poker week... :-)


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