Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Last Round Syndrome (LRS)

'Last Round Syndrome' (LRS) is a subset of the more common disease 'Fancy Play Syndrome' (FPS). Whereas FPS has a tendency to present in any raised pot or against a particular villain with which you may have a betting history; LRS is a much more acute contraction presenting only in the final round of betting at a cash table after the patient has unticked 'Auto Post Blind'.
Symptoms include: Over valuing your own holdings. Under estimating your opponents holdings. Over estimating fold equity. Over estimating your opponents bluffing fequency.
LRS can have a particularly devastating effect if the patient is currently 'up' in moneys for the session. The desire to raise up any half playable junk is too great in an LRS patient and can result in near fatal internal hemorrhaging to the bankroll.

Yeah but seriously, I need to get a grip with that. I was $400 up this afternoon before I unticked autopost. By the time that blind came round on my 6th and final table I was only $275 up. Idiot.

Suppose I'm still up and prior to the last round played great poker. I also turned around last night finishing $120 up, so I've not had a losing day since rakeback went in. Feeling good about poker and will share some figures and HHs with you shortly.

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