Saturday, 1 March 2008

Blog overhaul

Decided to get rid of what was fast becoming a whinge-fest of a blog and start again with some clear targets for myself.

I managed to turn February around in the last two weeks after getting down in the dumps with poker for a few days. 'Disillusioned' is overused and would be too strong here. My general lifestyle and eating habits have been poor as well which definitely effects things. I've turned that around, got back in the gym and am feeling a lot better for it. I studied for a couple of days without playing, and saw excellent results for the rest of the month, including a superb $3k tournament cash. Figures for the month:

FL (1/2, 2/4, 3/6) 7k hands - $50
NL20 NL30 NL50 NL100 25k hands - $750
STTs & MTTs - $3200
Bonuses and Rakeback - ~$800

So I can't complain at ~$5k. The Rakeback figure is an estimate based on PT stats. Unfortunately my Ladbrokes rake isn't through RTR and I don't think I can track it in anyway. Should be paid in next week sometime then I plan to attack NL100 in March with a bankroll of ~$2300.

Now for some blog outlines:

1) Post at least two interesting hands I struggled with each week. I'd like your feedback here as it can only serve to improve.
2) Be a lot more vetting in any bad beats you feel like sharing. People aren't interested.
3) Play live and post about it. I used to tear up my local live pub games but saw a 5 week stretch about a year ago where I didn't cash and gave it up. Make the adjustment needed and get back to it.
4) Take the piss out of your mates.

Poker outlines:

1) Don't play tired. In Feb I estimate -$300 from playing tired.
2) Don't play drunk. Another -$300 in Feb easily.
3) Study / observe / watch videos if not quite in the 'playing' poker frame of mind.
4) Play only 4 tables online and maximise your play.
5) Approach methodically and in a workman frame of mind, rather than 'I fancy a bit of poker'.
6) Play live.

Lifestyle outlines:

1) Cut out the shit food.
2) Keep the gym up, you've paid for it.
3) Get your knee right and get back playing footy asap.

That's it then. Hope to be sharing some interesting poker with you soon. Good luck at the tables :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

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Poker play the Soap way said...

you should also aim to get in hendon mob database - some complete fishes have made it :)

Brenos said...

Yeah there's a cracker of a rake deal on this month at Ladbrokes. $1,250 for top raker in each category per week! And then WSOP freerolls on top. Hopefully get a result and maybe break into that database too, every Tom Dick and Harry in these days ;-)

Stephanie said...

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