Thursday, 6 March 2008

Best ever cash day

I played another hour last night for a total of ~1000 hands for Wednesday and made a total of $920.

I'm still not raising as much as I thought I would need to be back at NL100. There are still a lot of passive players and half stacks where I feel overcalling in position is more prudent than 3 betting.

Biggest winner

We'd exchanged a few 3 bets and he obviously thought I was playing back at him light. Happy to take this down considering the turn and river.

Biggest loser

Obviously glad that he was only a half stack. Given the turn check/check and river shove by him he really had to have quads, but I'm paying off here of course.

The cards obviously smacked me in the face and I won a lot of big pots legitimately. However I also picked a few nice spots to bluff and took down a few more. I've not been able to make this move for a good few months as I've never felt like I've had the fold equity. He obviously has a pair here but I'd been quiet for a while and felt he'd check raise a set or big spades. He time banked for ages which felt even more like a big JJ/QQ laydown.

Cheers to running well! :-)


TEAMDOBB said...

glad to see you back "azi jnr"
think hes up to 24 now!

Poker play the Soap way said...

Good arrows